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Google's +1 thing makes me think I'm playing a game of D&D. "I'll smite you with my +20"
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If I click it twice, does it count as a flanking bonus for your comment?
uhm...cure light wounds X 20? lol
All I have to say is, "Anti-Magic Shell."
And I stick you with a rusty sword. You get tetanus and die.
Well, my +2 Anklets of Defense deflect your blow!
Yeah, there's newer stuff, but I haven't invested in it. We should see if anyone is interested in RPGs though. Maybe Eby.
Funnier still, we could use the Hangout feature to do it front of our computers. "I swear I rolled a natural 20. Really."
It's a Video Chat you can constrain to certain Circles. It is one of the features of Google+
Yep. Just no phone numbers. You can open it up so anyone can join as well.
Man, I went out to drop off some books and yall had an entire encounter without me...I demand a full share of XP!

And John, 3.5 was as good as it got for me. I haven't played in a few years, but I still have some of those supplements around for reference material. The horror books they put out were great!
My nemesis has been writing and lack of planning.

And I agree JW, 3.5 was as good as it got for me. After going through 4.5 editions of D&D (I'm including the old Basic Set), I'm not ready to embark on another
I just thought you were one of the Faceless Ones from Bravos.
The red box? I actually used it as a primer to get my girlfriend and my daughter into the game years ago, since there were barely any rules to it. I looked through the 4th edition core looks like World of Warcraft with d20s, lol. no thanks.
Yeah, the Red Box. A friend purchased one recently to help get his daughters into the game.

And I agree with you on 4th. If I'm going to invest in something new, there are plenty of other cool games out there. Like Eclipse Phase.
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