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The number of large scale credit card hacks in recent months is causing most credit card companies and retailers in America to reconsider their security protocol.

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+Bank of America will begin testing a new checking account, known as Safe Balance, which is designed for customers who commonly overdraw their accounts. The account also appears to be set up to compete with prepaid cards, one of the fastest growing segments of the card industry.

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Four separate financial institutions have traced hundreds of fraudulent purchases back to debit and credit cards used at +Michaels Stores.

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Can credit cards be used to pay for pot?

This question may have been farfetched years ago, but the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington has made it a prevalent issue in the world of cannabis distribution.

Add a comment... has developed a new add-on to its website hosting and design services, thanks to technology from +MasterCard.  The new option called Take-A-Payment provides a faster way for consumers and businesses to receive money from transactions on their websites.

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Bill SB 383 was passed by the California Senate recently and is now being sent to the state Assembly. The measure would limit the data that online merchants can gather and store on credit card purchases.

The bill would only allow online merchants to ask for zip codes, maiden names and similar information to protect against identity theft.

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The number and magnitude of credit card hacks in America over the last few months has now prompted several lawmakers to push for stronger security systems.

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Not only can credit card companies take your items back, but they can also charge you for whatever it takes to get those items sold. 

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Australia is making an effort to cut down on credit card fraud by phasing out signature verifications.

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Most people want to raise their credit limit on their credit card in order to have more money available to them, but there are situations in which lowering your limit is a better option. If you are considering doing that in the near future, you need to understand the impact your actions will have on your credit score. You may be asking yourself, "Will lowering my credit limit hurt my credit score?"

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If you are a +T-Mobile user in need of an easy, low-cost prepaid card, this seems like a sound solution.

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Thank YOU Terrence and +T-Mobile! 
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No one wants to keep bulky stacks of paper when you can do so digitally. But it is advisable to keep digital records in case there are questions down the road.

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