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Whoo Hoo.  Great promotion for my friends.
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Consonance is in just 4 days.

Meet our International Guest:  Phil Mills 

Computers. I've been working (and playing) at programming them since 1978 and haven't got bored yet. I listen to music -- even when nobody else can hear it -- and read, often with a cat as a helper. I enjoy photography and playing about with images digitally. I've had a long-time interest in sports simulation games, both as board games and on a computer.

In the summer of 2004, I (kind of) sang and (theoretically) played a couple of songs at a house filk as the first musical performance of my adult life. Filk has now taken over a great amount of my spare time, especially since FKO 15, inspiring me to pick up a guitar, write songs, and generally reach a new level of obsession about musical things.

(In March 2008, I started speculating on whether it would be a good idea to record a CD of original filk material. For anyone who is interested in taking part in that discussion, I'm posting plans and progress...and a lot of questions, using the LJ account butifidid.)

With the release of Rain on the Sand in early 2009 (see Website link), the account mentioned above became mostly of historical interest. Things change, though, and I did found a new life as I work toward a second, mostly digital release.
The San Francisco Bay Area Filk Convention. March 6 - March 8, 2015. Guests of Honor: Wild Mercy: "Celtic-powered post-industrial electro-acoustic folk-rock with jazz influences and freeform choral structure" ... or awesome people with awesome voices making awesome music.
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For your 2015 Hugo Nominating consideration...

I would like to let you know that the collection of my photos of The Hugo Awards and Retro Hugo Ceremonies, taken at Loncon3, are eligible to be nominated in the Best Related Work category

My 2014 Hugo Collection contains .the following sets:
1939 Retro Hugo Awards Reception 20 photos
1939 Retro Hugo Awards Ceremony 48 photos
1939 Retro Hugo Awards Acceptors 7 photos
2014 Hugo Awards Reception 40 photos
2014 Hugo Awards Ceremony 90 photos
2014 Hugo Awards Winners 21 photos

They can found in my Flickr account.   No Yahoo account is required to view the photos.  An account is required, if you wish to leave a comment or see the full original size.

Thank you
   John O'Halloran
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Big News!

I received a job offer overnight (Manager is in England) and I accepted. I'll be heading out soon to fax the signed copies to the HR person in San Francisco.

Start date is Jan 6 (pending all the paperwork and such), pay is what I asked for. Location is in San Francisco, directly across the street from AT&T Park, 7 blocks from Christina's office.

Great year end present!
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So wonderful!!!
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The count is now 25!!!!! Plus the District of Columbia.

US Supreme Court refused to hear 7 appeals covering 5 states today. Letting stand lower courts rulings overturning same sex marriage bans.
Utah (!!!!), Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Oklahoma now have Marriage Equality.

There are 6 other states that could aso be impacted by the SCOTUS effectively upholding the Appellate Courts rulings.

One of them has already done so.   Colorado is number 25!

"Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has directed all 64 county clerks in the state to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Colorado after the court's ruling."


Colorado News:
The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear a series of cases regarding marriage equality, and the effect of the ruling could quickly extend to more states.
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This is good news for all of us who favor marriage equality. Including me, of course.  I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind it, though.

A "writ of certiorari" -- the way the Supreme Court accepts a case for appeal -- requires only four votes. Apparently, neither side wanted to issue a decision on this case. The four Conservative justices were probably afraid that if they heard this case, the result would be a nationwide decision allowing same-sex marriage.  But what about the four liberal justices?  Were they afraid that Justice Kennedy would switch sides if they decided to go for a nationwide ruling allowing marriage equality?  Or did they figure, "We've already made ourselves clear with United States v. Windsor, and that's all that needs to be said?"  Or was it a "hot potato" that they didn't want to touch as long as they could let the Circuit Courts take the heat? 

We'll probably never know.
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Consonance is just 10 days away.

Do you have your hotel reservation yet? 

If not, the hotel has extended the cut-off date to MON, 03/03.

Registration by mail has closed. At the door rates are:

Full Weekend: $55 
Children 6-12 full weekend: $27.50
Children under 6: Free, but must be with parent or guardian.

Daily Rates:
Friday: $20 
Saturday all day: $30 
Saturday evening concerts: $20 
Sunday: $20

Hope to see you there!
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Have him in circles
554 people
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Convolution 2015's special room rate of $126/night at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport is now open for reservations!

That rate includes free parking and internet, and is available not just for our convention dates of October 2-4, but for an additional day on both ends in case you'd like to hang out a little longer.

Check our page for more details!
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Consonance is just 1 day away...errr...

Consonance STARTS TODAY!

See the web site for our full program, but I'd like to point out that we have great workshops & panels scheduled.


Filking With FAWM
Meet some FAWM filkers, hear some FAWM filks, and learn more about February Album Writing Month as a tool for songwriting and a community for filking.

What Hooked You?
How did you get into filk? What kind of filk activities do you engage in, and where and with whom do you do them? What aspects of filk and filking mean the most to you? Are you a face-to-face kind of filker, or do you prefer online activity?  Explore the culture, history, and future of filk while helping Sally with her academic research.

Filk Chorus
Come join your fellow filkers in making beautiful vocal music together! Rehearsal Saturday morning, performance Sunday.

SUNDAY Morning

Tim Needs Your Songs
When he isn't filking, Tim Griffin runs an award-winning educational nonprofit that uses music to teach kids about science, math, history, and everything else that's K-8. Besides his own songs, Tim is always looking (and pays royalties!) for other filkers' work. If you're a songwriter, come learn how you can help GriffinEd save American education and make a little money doing it.

Backing Track Tips and Tricks
Sometimes you need a backup that's a little more portable than an orchestra and a little more cooperative than your cats. But how do you get started recording backing tracks? Isn't it just like recording a song?

One Shots and Responses
Participants will perform a song and receive supportive and constructive feedback from our Guests of Honor.
While only a limited number of slots are available for performers, the class is open to all who wish sit in. Signup at the information desk Friday and Saturday.
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Consonance is in just 3 days.

Meet our Toastmaster:  Jim Partridge

From the bio page of Brass Farthing, set your drinks down first...

Jim Partridge has been one of the regular suspects committing folk music in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for many years now. He can be found at the Hyde St. Pier singing sea songs and shanties, and trolling the docks of San Francisco in search of his other band mates, The Roving Tars, who by they’re very nature, are roving. Approach Mr Partridge with extreme caution, as he has been known to harmonize with complete strangers with no provocation whatsoever.

Jimmy Twitcher — Or Jack Twitcher. Or Johnny Twitch. Different people get different names. Mr Twitcher is back from being an involuntary guest of Her Majesty in Van Diemen’s Land. Details on how this was accomplished are . . . sketchy. There was a gold mine involved . . . again, details are sketchy, and a search of Her Majesty’s Land Patent Office in Queensland reveals no variation of any of the above names in rightful possession of any gold mine . . . or any gold for that matter. Nonetheless, Mr Twitcher – if that’s his real name – has become a man of means in these latter years, even if the source of those means are not clear. He is infinitely obliged that those of you with . . . official connexions to Her Majesty’s Government have not pursued this matter.
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Consonance is in just 6 days.

Meet our Interfilk Guest:  Gary Hanak

Gary has been playing music since he was five. He started on the accordion, and switched to guitar somewhere around the high school/college transition when he figured out that the accordion was not exactly a babe magnet. He added piano, then bass, and has in the past gone so far as to direct a barbershop chorus and a church choir (he gave up the former involuntarily for lack of time, and the other voluntarily, for Lent).

Gary is a Master Filker. He writes and performs science fiction folk songs, both serious and silly, with full orchestration and four-part harmony. (Indeed, this should give you an idea of what you'll be in for with Not Wired Right.) Gary composes original songs as well as parodies, and has two CDs available at CD Baby.

When not doing music, he works as an engineer/scientist at Boeing. His background includes a BS in electrical engineering and an MS in computer science.
The San Francisco Bay Area Filk Convention. March 6 - March 8, 2015. Guests of Honor: Wild Mercy: "Celtic-powered post-industrial electro-acoustic folk-rock with jazz influences and freeform choral structure" ... or awesome people with awesome voices making awesome music.
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Alas, I don't have the wherewithal to make it up to the Bay Area this weekend.  I've not seen Wild Mercy since I moved away from the Chicago Area.

(At least Nick is supposed to be up there pushing Westercon / Conjecture / Conchord) 
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29 + DC! 58%

SCOTUS lifts stay on Idaho.

North Carolina Federal Judge uses Forth Circuit Court's existing ruling regarding Virginia to strike down NC's same-sex ban.

Note: This is the sort of procedural stuff that has to happen before I will count up the 35 or 39 states that many folks refer too.
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Consonance starts TOMORROW!!!

Memberships are available at the door.  
We have full weekend, daily and even Sat Evening only memberships.

Our Guests of Honor have already started to arrive!

Remember the hotel has extended our reservation deadline to receive convention rates till Friday.

The program grid has been posted on the website.

AND...   Special appearances not listed in the program book or anywhere else:

     Sunday, March 9th, 2am* special hosted filk circle.

         Julia Ecklar leading "Horse Tamer's Daughter"
         Leslie Fish leading "Banned From Argo"
         Frank Hayes leading "Matty Groves" the original  unabridged version.
                  All 47 verses!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

* Subject to space time continuum restraints.
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I'm trying so hard to make time for the Saturday concerts. I might even bring a boyfriend!
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A Science Fiction loving, San Francisco Bay Area living, computer jock & photographer, Dot.Crash survivor, working at a old style brick and mortar corporation.

Straight but not narrow, with minor kinks in the road.

Curious about many things in life, but ultimately just a tourist.

Inveterate flirt and cuddler, but I often need to be hit with a Clue-by-4 to "get it."

Bragging rights
The first item (and only) I ever entered in a SF Convention Art Show won a Best in Show award.
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Great location to do my water exercises and swim some laps. 4 x 25m lanes that are sometimes in use for other classes. Water is clean and while not always "warm" as they claim, it has never been more then a bit chilly. Locker rooms are large and well maintained. The schedule is confusing. Listing open rec swim, classes, water exercise, water walking, lap swim times, all on separate web pages. If you go to the center, they have handout, that has very useful grid on the back that shows all the different access times. There is water rec area right next to the lap pool, with 2 slides, a lazy river and a mini water park. During summer days, even when there is lap swimming going on, there can be a wait to get in because the rec area is packed. As for the food, this is a snack bar at a municipal rec center, where everything is prepackaged and warmed for your enjoyment. It's fuel for when an adult is hungry and to keep your kids happy. It's not even to the level of junk food. Set your expectations.
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