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Who says #Ingress has to be a Jihad-like warzone?

At the end of the day it's still a game.  

Stay classy San Diego Resistance and Enlightened Agents!
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I missed you guys too!
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I am scared.
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Answers that make sense.
MH370  A different point of view. Pulau Langkawi 13,000 runway.

A lot of speculation about MH370. Terrorism, hijack, meteors. I cannot believe the analysis on CNN - almost disturbing. I tend to look for a more simple explanation of this event.
Loaded 777 departs midnight from Kuala to Beijing. Hot night. Heavy aircraft.  About an hour out across the gulf towards Vietnam the plane goes dark meaning the transponder goes off and secondary radar tracking goes off. 
Two days later we hear of reports that Malaysian military radar (which is a primary radar meaning the plane is being tracked by reflection rather than by transponder interrogation response) has tracked the plane on a southwesterly course back across the Malay Peninsula into the straits of Malacca.
When I heard this I immediately brought up Google Earth and I searched for airports in proximity to the track towards southwest.
The left turn is the key here. This was a very experienced senior Captain with 18,000 hours. Maybe some of the younger pilots interviewed on CNN didn't pick up on this left turn. We old pilots were always drilled to always know the closest airport of safe harbor while in cruise. Airports behind us, airports abeam us and airports ahead of us. Always in our head. Always. Because if something happens you don't want to be thinking what are you going to do - you already know what you are going to do. Instinctively when I saw that left turn with a direct heading I knew he was heading for an airport. Actually he was taking a direct route to Palau Langkawi a 13,000 foot strip with an approach over water at night with no obstacles. He did not turn back to Kuala  Lampur because he knew he had 8,000 foot ridges to cross. He knew the terrain was friendlier towards Langkawi and also a shorter distance.
Take a look on Google Earth at this airport. This pilot did all the right things. He was confronted by some major event onboard that made him make that immediate turn back to the closest safe airport.
For me the loss of transponders and communications makes perfect sense if a fire. There was most likely a fire or electrical fire. In the case of fire the first response if to pull all the main busses and restore circuits one by one until you have isolated the bad one.

If they pulled the busses the plane indeed would go silent. It was probably a serious event and they simply were occupied with controlling the plane and trying to fight the fire. Aviate, Navigate and lastly communicate. There are two types of fires. Electrical might not be as fast and furious and there might or might not be incapacitating smoke. However there is the possibility given the timeline that perhaps there was an overheat on one of the front landing gear tires and it blew on takeoff and started slowly burning. Yes this happens with underinflated tires. Remember heavy plane, hot night, sea level, long run takeoff. There was a well known accident in Nigeria of a DC8 that had a landing gear fire on takeoff. A tire fire once going would produce horrific incapacitating smoke. Yes, pilots have access to oxygen masks but this is a no no with fire. Most have access to a smoke hood with a filter but this will only last for a few minutes depending on the smoke level. (I used to carry one of my own in a flight bag and I still carry one in my briefcase today when I fly).
What I think happened is that they were overcome by smoke and the plane just continued on  the heading probably on George (autopilot) until either fuel exhaustion or fire destroyed the control surfaces and it crashed. I said four days ago you will find it along that route - looking elsewhere was pointless.  
This pilot, as I say, was a hero struggling with an impossible situation trying to get that plane to Langkawi. No doubt in my mind. That's the reason for the turn and direct route. A hijack would not have made that deliberate left turn with a direct heading for Langkawi. It would probably have weaved around a bit until the hijackers decided on where they were taking it.
Surprisingly none of the reporters , officials, other pilots interviewed have looked at this from the pilot's viewpoint. If something went wrong where would he go? Thanks to Google earth I spotted Langkawi in about 30 seconds, zoomed in and saw how long the runway was and I just instinctively knew this pilot knew this airport. He had probably flown there many times. I guess we will eventually find out when you help me spread this theory on the net and some reporters finally take a look on Google earth and put 2 and 2 together. Also a look at the age and number of cycles on those nose tires might give us a good clue too.   
Fire in an aircraft demands one thing - you get the machine on the ground as soon as possible. There are two well remembered experiences in my memory. The AirCanada DC9 which landed I believe in Columbus Ohio in the eighties. That pilot delayed descent and bypassed several airports.   He didn't instinctively know the closest airports. He got it on the ground eventually but lost 30 odd souls.   In the 1998 crash of Swissair DC-10 off Nova Scotia was another example of heroic pilots. They were 15 minutes out of Halifax but the fire simply  overcame them and they had to ditch in the ocean. Just ran out of time. That fire incidentally started when the aircraft was about an hour out of Kennedy. Guess what the transponders and communications were shut off as they pulled the busses.

Get on Google Earth and type in Pulau Langkawi  and then look at it in relation to the radar track heading. 2+2=4  That for me is the  simple explanation why it turned and headed  in that direction.

Smart pilot. Just didn't have the time.


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Apparently justice isn't just blind, but lazy as well.

Via +Mari Thomas
The belief that processing rape kits solves crimes isn't without basis. Of the 1,600 rape kits processed in Detroit's massive 11,000 backlog so far, 100 have resulted in the identification of serial rapists. That's 46 serial rapists, to be exact -- some of whom have moved on to commit similar crimes in 23 other states. 

Unfortunately, Michigan isn't the only place with a horrific backlog: it is currently estimated that 400,000 rape kits are waiting to be processed around the nation. In San Francisco, an investigation by ABC7 News prompted the police department to conduct its own audit in February, which revealed 753 untested rape kits dating from 2003 to 2013. Police Captain Den Perea justified not going back further due to the ten-year statute of limitation on most types of sexual assaults. Simply, testing older kits wouldn't produce information the department can "act upon." That said, the pressure has changed policy at the department: from here on out, all San Francisco kits will be processed, not only those related to crimes with unknown suspects.

The Los Angeles Police Department was quicker to act -- immediately after the discovery in Detroit, the department began to work on its own backlog of 6,132 unprocessed rape kits. By 2010, 245 people had been arrested in connection to those cases. By the time the department cleared the backlog in 2011, they had at least 1,000 suspects.

New York City, worked its way through their 16,000 kit backlog in the early noughties, and has managed to keep up -- not least of all because they realized that doing so made the arrest rate for rape cases leap from 40 percent to 70 percent. Processing rape kits has real impacts -- who knew? </sarcasm> 
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Where have you been all of my life?

Pop-Out Outlet lets you hide an outlet when not in use. Simply push on the outlet and it disappears into the wall.

Finally shipping
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and they will take your money. these things are f'n expensive. you can find them at Lowes
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Not a fan of the registration process this year, but I'll be crossing my fingers for another good year at the conference.
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Interesting read.
Humans will be kept between life and death in the first suspended animation trials

At a hospital in Pittsburgh, surgeons are now allowed to place patients into a state of suspended animation. If a patient arrives with a traumatic injury, and attempts to restart their heart have failed — if they’re on the doorstep of death — they will have their blood replaced with a cold saline solution, which stops almost all cellular activity. At this point, the patient is clinically dead — but if the doctors can fix the injury within a few hours, they can be returned to life from suspended animation by replacing the saline with blood.

#suspendedanimation #hybernation #hybernate #medical
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Yeah, who?
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3 mirrors.
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Time to start some rumors about the next generation of Google Nexus devices.

1. We know that LG will be producing the Nexus for the third year in a row.  

2. We know that LG has been working on flexible OLED displays and devices (which we have yet to see in action with the exception of the LG G Flex.) Samsung and other OEMs have shown us a few of their flexible device concepts, but LG had been notably hush hush with their idea of a truly flexible device.

3. We also know that a Google Smart watch is on the horizon.

Perhaps the reality has been staring us in the face for some time and we just haven't realized it yet. what if spoiler alert The next Nexus device was some sort of hybrid incorporating both the futuristic flexibility we've all been dying to see, coupled with a smart watch in one device: A phone that wraps around your wrist instead of being placed in your pocket when not in use but still can be operated as a fully functional smartphone while in wrist mode.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would love a Liquid Nexus!

While I do not believe we will see this device soon enough, the technology does in fact exist to make the concept a reality. Since it is purely conceptual at this point, why not throw in some additional sensors as well as solar cells embedded behind the display so that the device can receive a power boost while in smart watch mode? Wireless charging too? Hmm.

If such a hybrid device did exist, would you purchase it?
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