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Because the Irish in me has decided that I need to win the lottery!

(Again??? Lmao +Amy S​

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Lower Agent Level Disposable Accounts used by Cheaters and Spoofers are still and remain to be an ongoing problem.

Would you support a +Niantic​​​ in-game change to isolate Level8 and lower agents to a beginners protection status (like so many MMORPGs out there) before full inmersion into the game?

FAQ 1: Whats is Beginners Protection?

Many MMORPGs employ what is called beginners or newbie or other similarly named protection.

It is designed to allow players the opportunity to grow and learn without being harassed or destroyed by much stronger players. At the same time it isolates the seasoned players from noob actions while they are learning the dynamics of the game.

There are usually two variants of protection: time limited and level limited

-Games which have time limited protection remove the protextion status after a certain length of time has elapsed.
-Other games remove the protection status after the player attains a certain level or skillset.
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Yes. This would solve many problems.
No. The system is flawless as it is.
Maybe. But the details still need work.

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My name is Trooper.

Poor guy was practically a rescue. Infested with hundreds of fleas so he can't play with his new big brother Shadow until after he sees the vet in the morning.
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