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John Nixon
If it is technical, I'm interested!
If it is technical, I'm interested!

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Hey, anyone have any advice about using #sookasa with #dropbox? Brickbats or bouquets are fine.

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From "I Do Not Know C"
What is printed? And why?

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
  int array[] = { 0, 1, 2 };
  printf("%d %d %d\n", 10, (5, array[1, 2]), 10);

Answer: 10, 2, 10

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Go home, Secret Service, you are drunk.

"Among the lawmakers’ questions: Whether a Secret Service supervisor, as witnesses have alleged, ordered officers to let the agents go home without facing sobriety testing."

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Amazing creativity to break security.

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Great read about how Jobs' vision led to #Apple  dominating the mobile processor market at Intel's expense.

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I'm not sure about 'arrived', but I'm very concerned about the future with #AI

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"But school funding in isolation is misleading. In the past year alone at least a dozen states have been ranked 49th in #K-12 spending, depending on the source and its methodology. Among the states earning this distinction were Alabama, Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas.

"California’s 49th place ranking was cited in a 2014 UCLA Undergraduate Students Association resolution, based on per pupil spending adjusted for regional cost-of-living differences. Florida ranked 49th according to the National Education Association. And based on Wallet Hub rankings of per capita school spending, Tennessee deserved 49th place. Still other 2014 studies by the Missouri Public School Advocates and the Open Sky Policy Institute gave 49th to Missouri and Nebraska, respectively.

"What these identical rankings prove is that you can aggregate data and sift statistics to prove almost anything you want. And what teachers unions and politicians want is more money. Too bad there’s no direct correlation between dollars spent and what matters most: student achievement."

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This sounds about right.
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