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Google+ Photos: edit your previous edits, and Auto Awesome Effects

If you’re afraid of commitment, then you probably don’t edit your photos online :-) Reason being: many services overwrite (aka “destroy”) your images during the editing process. So once you save a change, you can’t change your mind.

In contrast: Google+ Photos offers non-destructive editing on Android, iOS and Chrome, and it syncs your edits to the cloud. So you can start editing on one device, continue on another, and your originals are always available. Today we’re making the Chrome experience even more flexible by letting you go back and adjust your previous edits. (Commitment-phobes rejoice!) For example:

- Suppose you want to re-crop a photo but leave the other effects alone. Or keep your choice of frames, but turn up the brightness and contrast.
- Now you can, and you don’t have to start from scratch. Just open your photo in the Chrome editor, click on “Edits,” and you’ll be able to adjust the edits you’ve already made.
- When you settle on a look you really like, you can also copy those edits and apply them to another photo.

Even if you don’t have time to edit your images, we can still help your photos look their best. Take Auto Awesome, for instance: when you back up your photos and videos to Google+, we can gift you fun new versions automatically. These creations range from animated GIFs to professional-quality movies, and today we’re adding a new flavor: Auto Awesome Effects.

Now when you upload a land or cityscape photo, Effects can stylize your image to make the subject really pop. You can enjoy the new photo as is, or open the editor to make further adjustments. Either way it’s easy (and fun!).

Both updates are rolling out today, so take some pictures, try some edits, and let us know what you think.

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Erich W
Keep making auto awesome more awesome and can we have some organization tool for our photos
Super. hoping to have custom edits also be a card soon :)
24 hours Ahead of IO14 . This is part of the presentation? 
Was just using this on some of my own photos. Fantastic experience. I love the 'layer' idea of previous edits. One request, it would be nice to be able to move edits around (change the order)
yay!!! Hope this auto awesome effects will apply to old pics too, as do all auto awesome things when they're launched +John Nack ?
+Jaime Uribe We don't currently offer this sort of editing UI in the mobile apps, but it's a great request. +Ishaan Garg, I'll investigate. (+Nicholas Butko, can you comment on whether AA Effects will be backfilled?) +Rajesh Handa, can you elaborate on what you'd like in terms of a card?
+John Nack Cards are only for predefined effects. When you edit image on your own by adjusting sliders, that card is not available. 
+John Nack thank you for announcing this. Running the autoawesome community it's great to get new features. I just wish the stories that people share could be viewed...sometimes they are unable to be opened...just thought I would mention it. Thanks again. 
I'm sorry +John Nack I want to be excited by this but I can't be.

Everytime a new feature comes out it just highlights how bad the curating process is. I can add filters to past photos? Great!

Except I have 9 of the same photo that has been uploaded multiple times and over 2,000 albums. 2,000! I can't find a picture to filter!

Until a proper set of curating tools is set in place all your hard work in auto awesome feels wasted
Keep giving me more fun toys to play with when I'm stuck in the car with sleeping kids. Thank you +John Nack!
Manual-Awesome > Auto-Awesome
Browser-Agnostic > Browser-Walled
I love this update. The only thing I'm missing now, that I know of, is the ability to search the library after filename. Frustrating to migrate when you can't double-check that all files are transferred.
Good idea 💡, not working properly yet. Using the G+ app version downloaded a few days ago, just edited a photo on phone 📱 - original is untouched, a copy appears but that copy shows broken image icon 
Please add the ability to copy changes in one photo to the other.
+Alexander Markin  Under the stack of edits, there are "Copy" and "Paste" buttons that  should do what you ask for. Hint: If you have multiple images in your album, you don't even need to leave the edit stack view for switching images. Simply use the "Arrow" buttons under the image to navigate and sync your edits across images.
Having troubles with autobackups. I went aboard and had limited access to internet and most of my photos are not syncing which means no auto awesome and no stories. Anyone have experience with this?
Unfortunately I'm finding the auto enhance part of photos getting worse. The enhancement to my photos when it was first introduced was amazing. Then a normal and high option was added which neither was as good as the original auto enhance comparing with the same photos. Then recently it seems to mess up the whole colour balance of random photos but when you turn off auto enhance for the photo and turn back on again the colour is back to normal. I have to turn it off now because auto enhance is actually making my photos worst. Any ideas about this? 
I had problems with auto enhance yesterday. I'm on my Android now so i can't check what's going on. Yesterday my auto awesome photos looked terrible. I'm sure it being tweaked and the bugs worked out. I love Google+, all the great ways to have fun with photography and share. Great job Google! 
Any update on whether Auto Awesome Effects will be backfilled?
Hey +John Nack, great to see these new developments! A question: will you be considering to add a Grunge tool (from original Nik's Snapseed) to the Google+ Photo Editing tools? That's the only notable missing feature, compared to the original application.
References to "Google+ Photos" have always been confusing to me (and I've been very active on G+ since June 2011 or so).  Most people who share my confusion won't bother to tell you.

I see "Google+ Photos" most often referring to a team in Google, presumably working on the Photos functionality within G+, possibly with what's left of Picasa, apparently including Nik Software, and possibly what's left of Panoramio and perhaps the new Views (unless that's in a separate Google Maps team, despite dealing with photos).  

Here you reference IOS.  There's no app in the Apple store, so perhaps it's a reference to one or more of the IOS versions of G+, Nik, etc?

So to see if I can find the functionality in G+, I look at the G+ IOS app, but when I go to Photos, it only shows highlights (a default I loathe, since I cannot pick highlights or apparently turn the "feature" off) of what's already uploaded to G+.  

I can select Highlights to get a drop-down menu including Photos, which does show a Camera Roll option.  When I go to Camera Roll, I can click on a photo, which shows only that photo.  However, there is no way that I can see to select the photo for upload or editing.  The referenced "Google+ Photos" as a functionality, in an app somewhere, is nowhere to be found.

There is of course the option to use Google Drive to auto-backup my photos on my phone, so perhaps it's functionality which only becomes unlocked, or visible, to G+ users choosing that functionality.  But I have a 64GB phone (upgrading to a 128GB phone soon) with over 50GB in photos.  Data over my plan of 2GB costs $10/1GB, so  I'd get hit with over $500 in data overage charges in the first month alone.

I looked into the Auto Backup feature, and from what I can see of the Help documentation available from my phone, there's no way to specify "wi-fi only" to avoid the photo backup affecting and exceeding my data plan.

I'd love to hand-select a small number of photos to manage using Google tools, and possibly edit them and perhaps share them on G+, but if that is available, I don't see it.

Congrats on the Google+ Photos features, wherever they are.  Perhaps with the recent management changes and the press commenting on G+ and "Google+ Photos", this might be a good opportunity for Google to actually explain what and where "Google+ Photos" is. 
I am getting very confused now with Google+ Photos and just Google Photos! More to the point can anyone tell us where we can find Snapseed editing tools within the google pages?? Yes, have got it on the tablet and phone, but I'm sure I was able to access Snapseed stuff on the desktop MAC once upon a time.
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