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Excellent article. Unfortunately so often because communities are largely made of unpaid members they aren't valued as they should be.
Hi John! Thanks much for sharing the link love across! Much appreciated! Yes, it's one of those blog posts that's been in my head for far too long and that I'm glad that it finally found its way out! :)

+Maggie Tattersall Thanks!! Absolutely! In 100% agreement, and it's sad that when everyone expected things to change with the emergence of the social web, and internal social networking tools that such job role would be more formalised. Alas, it hasn't. In fact, it's been demanded more and more of it, without nothing in return, not even the bare minimum of having the right level of resources allocated. We need to do a lot more work to keep pushing gently for these changes to happen, because otherwise, we aren't going to progress much further, other than burning out people at a faster pace than ever! This surely is the good fight :)
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