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We're doing short website reviews for the office-hours hangout on Monday. If you have a website, and would like to have someone from Google take a look & give you feedback, here's your chance! 

Add your website to

Find out more on the events page at
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+John Mueller That would be amazing. I have tried hard to make my website a unique, free resource for fitness for my G+ followers. I am trying to keep up with everything to help make it more valuable to visitors but it's really hard. Any feedback you could give would be brilliant. 

My website: 
Fantastic! Hope this becomes a permanent hangout format.
Kind of want to volunteer mine, but half petrified i will get a penalty lol :)
+John Mueller is there anyway for me to view the hangout after it is completed. Unfortunately, I can not attend but would very much like to see a video of the event.
John, thank you for implementing this idea!  This is indeed a historic moment!  I can't decide is it's more like Moses coming down from the mountain or  the Fall of the Berlin Wall :-)  It's all good and I am sure it will become a valuable teaching tool  YAY!
It's a "God Sent Opportunity" for small website owners :)

Thanks John for this great and noble initiative.
I'm going to be closing submissions on the Moderator page in a few hours so that I can pick the sites (make sure you submitted it there, not here).

It looks like it's worth doing this kind of thing regularly :-). 
I am new to it but already quite excited :-)
+John Mueller Really looking forward to this. Thank you very much. 
Whew, that filled up fast!  Congratulations to everyone who was able to get their sites submitted. :)
Google people , never reply to the query  that we sent via mail , that part is very frustrating . 
+John Mueller Hi John, i would like to suggest, to have the Penguin Algo. checking the way in which the people had submitted their Websites :-) 24 Hours before you close the submissions we had only ca. 20 Submissions with ca. 80 Votes! how came it to having submissions with over 90 (yes) votes? cheers
Hi +John Mueller, thanks for the awesome opportunity; too bad we were too late to submit our website Would love to hear your feedback on how to improve our rankings. I'll make sure to stop by anyway on Monday & hope you'll do this again some day.
Hey John..would appreciate if you could add, We are India's biggest local search play!
Hi john--- i am not add my website at Google moderator page... Please helpme
Hi John! Sorry for arriving late.My website is we're in the so called Google Sandbox for almosts two and a half years.  I'd be very grateful if someone could give me some idea about when we're going to be free from this filters. Thanks a lot. 
I never got any help ... figures.. too good to be true
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