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We have some awesome Top Contributors in the webmasters forum - they put in a lot of time to help with websites, encouraging webmasters to make them better (and with that, perhaps gain more visibility in search). It's definitely not easy, and sometimes almost hopeless (depending on the website, the webmaster, and sometimes just how search works), but I really appreciate the help that they give there! 
Ok! We did it! Sasch and I created a quick video to talk about some of the challenges we face as Top Contributors in the Webmaster Central Forum and how we use those challenges to try and create a better support community. 

The TCs were asked to pitch ideas for user-led session ideas for the Summit in Sep/Oct this year. Here's hopin' we get a chance to tell what we think is an awesome story about a great community/resource at a Summit that we're so excited about.

No laughsies. We're camera shy as most proper nerds are. Cheers!
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Great Job Guys and Gals... It very good points, on moderating the community.. We should do more of these to help webmasters.
Yes, I agree.... and extremely smart when it comes to search..
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