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John Mueller hung out with 17 people.Muneeb Ahmed, Nicola Martino, Christophe Gevrey, François Bacconnet, friend ly, Artur Vartanyan, يوسف بعلوشة, James Lawson-Smith, Michael Mozart, Drew Jones, Armen Hareyan, Sidharth bhansali, simone righini, Kenichi Suzuki, Raju PP, Daxesh Patel, and Abhijeet Desai
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John Mueller was in a video call with 17 others
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Limited to 10? I guess you had to get in quick :)
I was there for a few minutes. And the connection dropped. Sigh! John, anyway we could know what's happening in the room? I'm very, very curious!
Raju Pp
I joined in late and didn't get the context, so dropped off without disturbing the rest of them :)
My connection is awfull. The hangout worked to me as Skype XD Thanks to all of you, it's a pleasure to know kind people.
be careful on what you say in google hangouts, there are silent people recording every word to share it later with the world :-)
Thank you all for joining, it was fun & interesting!
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