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Does your website use rel-alternate-hreflang?

We're working on something neat and would love to have a few more people try it out before we finalize it. If your site uses hreflang, you're willing to sign a NDA & give us some feedback, please drop me a private note here. Thanks!
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can;t you tell me about it without an NDA?
Sure! As soon as it's launched :)
Gerne. Es stehen mehrere Webseite zur Verfügung.
send me a separate note if you're keen & I'll see if I can still add you :). Thanks!
Do you suggest to try your 'neat thing' on sites with lot of traffic too? Or are you just looking for small projects?
Super excited for this to be rolled out!
John, I have several clients that either use, or need to use hreflang. I'd love for them to be part of this. One in particular is making changes to their site now. Let me know how I can get them on the list!
I have a client w/ an upcoming relaunch containing 3 English language versions/locations.  Would be interested to read the NDA and participate. 
I'm very exited to test it. Feel free to write me, if you still need testers!
Hi John! I have a multilanguage site (in my profile). Feel free to write me, if you still need a few more people.
Hi +John Mueller i can check it with you, have 2 E-commerce websites that implemented href lang for Hebew\English.
Just let me know what you need from our developers you can email me at
I would be very interested. Intel recently added the Hreflang tag across all locales. Please advise if we can still join the pilot - I can be reached at
Would love to test it in Quebec Canada this is a must have as we speak both FR and EN so maybe we are the right place to test it. I've a couple of clients interested in.
Hey John, we have a website with UK,AU,& EU and we uses hreflang, we would really love to beta test this new feature.
Use hreflang XML site map with 5 languages. I have no idea how to send a private note on G+ but sign me up please.

As a side point, even though there's a reciprocal en-us and en reference, the en version is being shown on US Google.
Hi John we are planning to use the hreflang soon, with UK AU and US.
Hi there, we've added the hreflang very recently, so very excited to test it. 
I am interested! I have client websites for many countries! But most important thing is I can't change the code much. Can add few lines hardly if it is compulsory.
Hi +John Mueller We would love to test it. We have an international website in 17 countries and 5 languages. We are currently using hreflang for the distinct countries with the same language but not for different languages. Our website have more than 2 million pages indexed per version
Thanks, everyone! We have enough for this round, but we'll have something new to try out for everyone if all goes as planned :-)
If one more is needed, then i can help with testing. I have around 35 domains in GWT, a few domains in en, fr, es, de language groups - connected with rel-alternate-hreflang. Good testing material ;) I am willing to sign nda.
John are you still looking for beta testers, we ( ) are a multilingual digital agency with 252 domains in WMT in over 20 languages. Be happy to provide detailed feedback.
Hi +John Mueller we would be interested and run several global client sites in multiple languages  using rel-alternate-hreflang.  
If you open up another round i'm interested. I manage known US brand that has expanded into  intl (~50 countries, ~20 languages) over the past year. We use hreflang but have a few issues here and there so this would be great. 
Sign me up... I manage like enterprise multi-lingual sites which i would love to be a part of testing.
Hi John, 

If this is still available, we'd be interested in testing- we have multiple sites in multiple languages.
I'm interested - working with an international classfieds site that target multiple markets and use different types of languages.
Hi John, I'm also interested in trying this out. Thanks
Hi John, I would like to test this.
Hi, mee too, I would like to test :
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