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Listening to Larry & Sergey talking about Google, and where it's headed is always fascinating to me. The mix of Larry's deep philosophical ideas, and Sergey's humor on top makes for interesting conversations -- well worth watching for anyone curious about Google, in my opinion.
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Larry's so "socialist": he wants to reduce work time to share it. So Martine Aubry...
Thanks for sharing! I always love watching these videos!
theres a lot of deep ideas to ponder upon...
Eric Wu
Kiteboarding? What the ... that's sort of awesome!
Thanks for share, very interesting 
This is one of the few times I have seen them speak together outside TGIF :D
does anyone know which book Larry was referring to when he was talking about abundance. The author was something like Peter Drum*... it should be around 15:50 in the video.
Shaun D
This is an interesting interview. They touched on more topics than I thought they would. 
I admire the total lack of narcissism in either Larry Page or Sergey Brin. Both are down to earth, self effacing, intelligent and likeable 'regular' guys. Their success appears to be based on the commercialisation of innovative ideas. Their vision of the future seems realistic and in line with how the world is changing. 

I particularly admire their ''put people first'' approach and making the world a better place for others to live in. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing +John Mueller . 
Audrey has a point there..
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