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Do you get tons of attachments to your Gmail inbox & would you like to clear out the larger ones? Here's an awesome script by +Amit Agarwal that tries to find the largest Gmail messages and shows them in a Google Spreadsheet. The neat part is that you don't need any third-party website/tool, it's all just Google Docs. #springcleaning #gmail
Do you want to sort your email messages in Gmail by size? Google Docs can help you easily find all the bulk email messages sorted by size.
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I suspect an easier solution would be to use Thunderbird as an IMAP Gmail client as Thunderbird will allow you to sort messages by size and delete attachments / messages directly from the Thunderbird interface.

Arguably it would be nice to have this functionality (size sort) directly from within the Gmail web interface, but I also understand there is probably a desire to keep the interface simple.
I think the easiest solution of all would be to change one's style of email management. Use the Priority inbox ( and be just judicious with emails that are archived and deleted. Also, why not use Google Docs to share items instead of emailing them?
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