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This is a pretty cool trick to get to your list of previously shared items within Google Reader.
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I'm sure they'll fix the slowness soon. I imagine a lot of us were using Google Reader today that use it rarely in the past, so the demand may have given them a shock.
i dont see the point in this: its not possible to continue to share items and follow people - only via Google+ which has for newsreading way to much non-informational noise. really a pitty, that this valuable feature of google reader got killed.
+Ludwig Coenen You can create a tag, and share that with a feed as a bundle. Your friends can subscribe to that bundle, and every time you use that tag on a post, they will see it in their Reader as well. It's not quite as "1-click" as it used to be, but it's certainly possible to set it up.
yeah fine, but now my newly-shared and oldly-shared items are in different universes.
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