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Time for HTTP 418. Every site should have one :)
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I had to Google it. You're right, now I want this on my site :D
417 Expectation Failed
The server cannot meet the requirements of the Expect request-header field.
418 I'm a teapot (RFC 2324)This code was defined in 1998 as one of the traditional IETF April Fools' jokes, ?lol
FWIW I wouldn't see this as a direct ranking factor (we'll treat it as other 4xx HTTP result codes), sorry.
Also, if people link to the teapot on your site, it might give you traffic, but those links aren't going to be passing PageRank. That said, sharing tea with your visitors is a great way to start a more personal relationship with them :). 
418 I'm a teapot The HTCPCP server is a teapot; the resulting entity body may be short and stout. Demonstrations of this behaviour exist I see what you are talking about now John. Just I seen this as an error code but all browsers behave fine :)
+John Mueller Seriously speaking, how does Googlebot treat 418? Just ignores it? Or does it ask the server what coffee you are? ;)
+Kenichi Suzuki if a server says it's a teapot,  you should accept that. It would be impolite to ask for coffee :). Just tip it over, and pour it out into a cup!
LOL...I'm going to have a cup of coffee right now
I was half-expecting people to dig up a bunch of 418-pages, I'm happy there are at least a few more now! +Barry Schwartz do you have one yet? 
+John Mueller What would happen if the server returned a “418 I’m a teapot” response when it was actually a tea-pouring teabot?
+Tony Ruscoe Are you asking for a friend, or is this on your site?

I don't think we'd take manual webspam action on a page just for a mistake like that. I mean ... how could we take action on a page we don't even index? In the worst case, Googlebot will make a new friend. Or is that the best case? This is confusing, is it beer-o'clock yet, or do I have to check the teapot again?
+Tony Ruscoe Teapots should only return the 418 response when the client is asking the server to BREW coffee://  per the RFC
In the meantime, more people seem to have found out teapot. I hope you're enjoying a hot cup of tea :).
I have to give a http 417 response on that :D
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