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One more update for Google Webmaster Tools: the search query data is now no longer bucketed / rounded! I guess I don't need to say anything more about this to most of you, go and check it out, and don't forget to tell your friends :). 

* Some attentive folks already noticed this, good job! 
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what about the quality of the data? I've compared it with actual Google Analytics data and it doesn't agreed which eachother :)
(I'm still hoping for a 12 months time range ;D)
I did some calculations, based on website data from 12 domains, 300 million impressions, 17 million clicks. Calculations with the new WMT query data, discrepancies between -33% and +160%. Conclusion: the data is useless, thanks Google!
+Jan-Willem Bobbink - The blog says the change will become visible over the next few days. Thus, how are you doing a comparison? 
They mean that within the following days, all accounts will be updated with the new data. I've already got a lot of accounts with the updated data :)
Thanks for this update. One question, will we eventually see CTR, Avg. position for each URL by keyword under Top pages? Not seeing this now, wondering if it's a matter of data refresh?
This is awesome! I'm pretty excited about what this means for search query reporting in +Raven Tools. Thank you for constantly improving GWT :)
This is probably a big ask, but one thing that I think would help a lot is to split the image and web search data. I am looking at the query data and seeing a lot of high average positions with low CTR. They are almost all images. The searches are of the type that people would probably want to read something, not just see an image, so it is a bit confusing. Sorry if that does not make sense, not had a coffee yet ... 
You can split image from web -- it's behind the filter button on the top left (from memory)
When I select Web and apply the results are the same. Is this filter for searches within image search, or searches when images are shown? 

e.g. for search term the balanced diet, with Web selected, WMT says that my site appears in position 1, but CTR is 0%.

When I do the web search I see my image is appearing first in the block of 4 images after the 3 NHS results, but my page is not listed.

A lot of the results are like this. I was hoping to use the WMT CTR and position data to try to improve titles and descriptions to entice readers to click, but it seems that many are images, not pages.

Would you like me to PM you a screenshot?
Usually that's from temporary rankings. You might see that the impressions are very low (in comparison), maybe limited to specific countries, and that it was only visible on a few days. In your case, I'm guessing it could be that we showed an images one-box in web-search for some users on those days and your site was appearing there. It could also be that your pages were just ranking there normally for a very short period of time. 
Hi +John Mueller ,
when does this data will be available also in Google Analytics?

Now in "Google Webmaster Tools > Search Traffic > Search Queries" I see the new data, while in "Google Analytics > Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries" I still see the old bucketed/rounded data.
Hi +John Mueller , why Queries data is still bucketed in Google Analytics view though?
John, when will the accurate data be available in Google Analytics? Thanks.
on the avg position graph - would be nice to differentiate the #1 from #0 ;)
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