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We're still working on the "Google Drive" algorithm, but the lights, blinkers, & horn work great so far. The ultrasound park-sensor kept falling off or getting bad readings, so we ended up removing it again. Once we get the GPS wired up, nothing [] will stop us :-). Making things with the Arduino is really fun & easy, I'm surprised that the kids are already partially understanding the "C" code that's used to program it.

[] except for empty batteries
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I am glad you started with some beginner stuff. What's next? Building an Iron Man suit? ;)
put your red hat on it and I am sure it will start dancing ;-)
If I use this to complete my Iron Man suit, some wire is bound to fall out when I take my first steps :-). I need to double-check that the software & hardware works before I solder everything together and add the iron plates... 
Kids brain is actually incredibly efficient. Be a tiger dad, have them learning C and Python, playing piano, fixing stuff and reading heavy literature. They'll like it !
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