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The English Google Webmaster Help Forum is moving to a new platform. We hope to have everything transfered in the next few days.

If you're active in the old forum and have any questions, feel free to ping me directly here. Would anyone be interested in a hangout on the topic of the new forum, to answer any questions & pass along any feedback? I'm happy to set something up.

See you soon in the new forums!
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To be honest, the new platform is hard to use even after I've used it for a couple of months. :(
It's quite some effort to get things moved, so I'm sure the team will have time to improve those parts soon. Is there anything specific that you find problematic? Feel free to send me your list :-)
Yea, I so prefer the AdWords community style over this new Google Groups. Just seems slower, more clicks, harder to find things and less efficient.

Also, I've noticed these forums have less activity since switching over. I don't have the data but just from my experiencing trolling the forums, it seems less Q&A is posted in the new forums.

Anyway, I am sure the new Google Groups will improve over time.
Barry, I never thought of you as a forum troll :-)
.. but yes, the forum has improved significantly over the last few months, so I'm really looking forward to how it moves ahead.
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