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Dear Google Team, 

I thought you might like to know some of the reasons why you are not getting enough Organic search engine and Social Media traffic foryour website. 

1. Your website is not ranking top in Google organic search for many competitive keywords. 

2. Your website profile needs to have regular update in major Social Media sites. 

3. Your site has less number of Google & Yahoo back links, this can be  improved further. 

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rofl - and if you want to improve your lousy pagerank, just send us an email XDD
At least they got the name right :)
So ask them why is ranking so poorly for "search engine"! ;)
Thanks for sharing this with us. Very nice!!! :)
Google really sucks at SEO doesn't it? I mean, I search for a lot of stuff on Google, and I almost never see Google in the results!
Classic. We help you #1 half plice. Garantee.
Maybe google isn't ranking high because the other sites actually are higher traffic/better match sites. Google was caught, previously, stuffing its results with all things Google and people got REALLY ticked off and there were fines to be paid. So now it seems Google might be playing fair and again people are unhappy.
I'll optimize your Google for $19, call in the next 10 minutes and I'll double your order, Bing too.
your post has less number of Google +1s; this can be improved further
even more spammy.. we can do all these for just $100
+John Mueller  Heh - so how many of these do you get a day ( more importantly do they end up getting forwarded to Matt :P )

I would think these emails are a great source of identifying spam type companies.
A quick exact match search has these guys automated comment/review spamming and even using a Gmail address I hate comment spam
Thank God , Google and My company is in same Boat now ;)
This SEO company must be a scam or
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