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My daughter says we should move away from using back-links in our algorithms.

Instead, she recommends focusing on cat-links. 

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I foresee SEOs whining about Google creating a cat-link economy. :)
She does make a great pawnt.
LOL   As a life long cat caretaker, she may have some merit there.   :P   If it matters to a cat, then it may matter to SERP's       But if you can manipulate a cat (which is highly unlikely) then its spam.    Am I getting close?   LOL
Does this mean we'll have a a Canonical and a Catoniical viewpoint of our pages?   < tongue in cheek>  LOL
The point about cat-links being harder to manipulate seems quite important, thanks for bringing that up! 
+Trey Collier I would imagine CatRank™ algorithm uses cat-reduce to process the catgraph.
I'm just not sure if the "random surfer" analogy would still work though... I'm sure cats don't wander randomly, they have some bigger plan that we're just not able to understand yet.
oh I remember the days of google bombing ;)  "cat flights" "cat houses" "cat for Clinton"  ;);) but maybe this is not the best content for your daughter ...
+John Mueller i've always speculated that Google's algorithm was originally written by a cat. the concept is simple to grasp but a full understanding of it still eludes us.
Might Work! You could count your backlinks by doing a "CatScan" Things like Lions, Tigers could be the Nofollow and follow links could be House Cats !! :Simples:
jep, who does have the niciest cat, should rank on #1
Would meerkats work or would they be deemed deceptive?
The mad scientist looks familiar ...... 
I never heard about Batfinks ... I imagine they wouldn't mix well with cat-links though. 
How old is she?  That is pretty impressive.
The problem with cat-links is that even when you say "nofollow" they just do whatever they want anyway. So maybe that wasn't the greatest idea after all :). 
For our cat, we found treats away from the direction she's not supposed to follow worked well. A pseudonofollow, akin to an HTTP 303.
See, there's a good idea! As well as "nofollow", why not have a "followmore" so webmasters can tell Googlebot which pages they feel are the most important. 
Cats don't take instructions, you have to lure them with high-quality content :)
Funny, because I thought cats like spam.
We could save some code space and just call them lynx. That makes your daughter even more retro-chic.
Someone pointed a load of bad cat-links at me (I thought it was safe to buy catnip).. Now I'm in the litter tray how do I get out? 
Eric Wu
Maaaaaan! I just got my business cards. Now I have to order a new set "Ethical Organic White Hat Cat Herder" our Motto "We never cross the path of the black cat"
Google has been ranking copy cats for a long time.
The internet will be run by cats one day...oh wait it already is.
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