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FWIW It seems that vanity URLs also work on any Google TLD. I don't know if it's by design or not, but it's pretty neat :-)   --
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It's by design, works already since vanity urls where introduced two years ago.
Tony's still on Google Buzz!  :-)
Hey +John Mueller ... as far as you know, does the vanity URL require some change to the Google Authorship verification?
What about profile previously verified with the long ID? And what about the new profile, which I suspect they will be all created with a shortened URL?
+Andrea Moro always use the numeric version of your profile for authorship since that's the version that's guaranteed not to change.
+Ade Oshineye it makes sense, but I would imagine a new profile will be provided immediately with a vanity URL. Assuming this is the case, where the numeric ID will be shown?
There are still requirements for a vanity URL, so I don't think a new profile would have one by default from the start. You can always see your numeric ID when you hover over a post or comment.  
+Andrea Moro every account always has to have a numeric identifier. That's how the underlying database for Google identifies people and pages. The custom URL is just an alias to the numeric identifier.
+Ade Oshineye this is obvious. The question is where this numeric ID can be retrieved. Google guides suggests to copy from the URL, but if the account shows the vanity URL ... well it is legitimate raising the concern :)
+Andrea Moro, I have an old Buzz link (pointing to Google Drive for some reason) on my profile. Its link contains my ID. I haven't found another way to find it.
Maybe give it a bit of time, they're rolling this out step by step.
Yeah, just hoping one of those other Jon Wades don't steal my slot!
I guess +Google is applying for the .plus newTLD, Profile URLs like would be a neat thing as well.
Yeah,. although why put the + in it at all? That makes no sense to me. Just makes it harder for mobile users surely?
+John Mueller , any idea why you're using a 302 to redirect the old number to the new vanity URL? I'd most likely prefer to move permanently to my new URL :)
+Philipp Klöckner this could be connected to the fact that to retain a vanity URLs Google may charge you in the future (This is for T&C) and at that time you would like to step back.
SEO and authority implication
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