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I'm considering doing another European daytime Google Webmaster Help hangout here in Google+ tomorrow (Friday) -- what's the best time for you all? (+1 the appropriate entry below :-))
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It looks like early mornings aren't that popular, whew :-)
12:30 CEST thanks.
FYI you can't +1 comments within the G+ mobile app.
+Tomaž Borštnar I haven't figured the recording part out yet, we might do that at some point in the future, but for the moment they're just live :-).
Someone mentioned me? :-) Count me in!
Sorry, +John Mueller: I won't be able to attend at any of these times. I'll absolutely have to be at my employer's office until 14:30 CEST and will return home not earlier than 15:00 CEST. Any time afterwards or evening hours like yesterday ;-) would be fine.
Time to make a decision :-) -- let's do it at 10AM tomorrow ( ), and next time when I have time at 12:30. See you all tomorrow!
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