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If smartphone users get blocked by an app-interstitial like this, our smartphone Googlebot is likely to get blocked as well, which might make it hard for us to understand your site's smartphone-specific content. 

For ways to better optimize your site's smartphone (or mobile version in general) so that Google's web-search can still understand it properly, check out our recommendations at
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I know you are talking about smartphones here and don't want to get sidetracked of that important message - but one of my pet hates at the moment is that javascript pop up - 'sign up to this or that' and never can find the 'x' to get of it. grrrr. 

Is that the same sort of deal with google and crawling with not being able to get past the pop-up?
I would imagine this is particularly bad (from a crawlability perspective) when the site doesn't even render until you have chosen one option or the other or when you get taken to a page that invites to download before you get redirected to the actual page you are trying to get to. Let's not talk about usability even.
Of course you could just sniff out the useragent and not show that to googlebot... 
+John Mueller it wouldn't have broken my heart to call us out:) Thanks for the feedback!
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