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It's been snowing all of today and most of yesterday (it was warm just last week). Now it's time for the old "I dare you to run in the snow with your swim-suit on" trick :-)
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And taking a hot bath in the tub afterwars to prevent a cold...
Won't catch us doing that in England John! Brrrr
Fun in family :) Too bad you are not also into that "trick", John.
Is the picture of you doing it just being uploaded ? :)
Nooo, I had to take care of the phone, I didn't have time to try it myself :-). 
Hahaha , You mean you chickened out,, ?
Sure .... but to be fair one adult still has to be reasonable and use common sense when the kids are up to such tricks. At least you get to write them a note for school tomorrow explaining why they can't be doing Gym class ;)
I bet if you turned the camera around to you, You would look like an Eskimo, 6 jumpers , 6 jackets, gloves the lot :) 
meanwhile chuck the kids out in the snow ..

Looks like fun , Might have to chuck mine out in the snow,  Or prize their hands off the door and say "Get out IT's FUN"" lol
It doesn't look like it was very cold, probably just around the 0C mark.
Don't encourage them do that in -20C or worse :) Humans are not polar bears :)
They barely needed encouragement for this, it wasn't that cold, but look at all that snow :). We had just come back from sledding so they were kinda used to the temperature (they wore more when going sledding :))
Haha I sure hope they didn't go sledding in bathing suits LOL
Although if it were sunny it could feel quite warm.
Think were heading for some snow very shortly, Mine are all excited and can't wait for it to come,,
No, I refuse to even think about snow!  Once it starts we'll have it until end of April at least! No,no,no!
Oh, for a continental climate :( Snow is just so much nicer without the maritime influence.
You think? You've not seen snow like I see every winter and it's NOT nice in general.
After seeing these photos I had to get up and set my aircon to warm the room up a bit. It's 17'C in Brisbane this morning.
Can you give me the address of the place in Switzerland with hot dry summers? :-)
Sorry, never been to Switzerland yet.
I only know hot wet  summers, cold wet summers and snowy cold winters.
The community is starving for information about this Samsung Nexus 3. Don't be a crook, tell us more (please !!!! :-D ).
I'm not really convinced by the LG Nexus 4 because screen is too big  for me and I want it curved (awesome design I think) :-)
We get to test some things before they're launched, but for everything else, there's
Don't tell me it's fake EXIF metadata modified by exiv.
Just tell me the screen is curved :-D
Just to be clear, the EXIF data here is modified. Sorry for the confusion :)
This could be a new trend, barefoot swimsuit pics in october snow!
Ha! Tech sites are making it a rumor Samsung is making the Galaxy Nexus successor Nexus 3 based on this EXIF data!? Well played :D
EXIF data is modified? I was born at night, but not last night.
5mp camera and not that great of a camera sensor, i would certainly hope that's not a new nexus device, else we're going backwards here.
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