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Wow, the music timeline on is fascinating. 
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click, click, click, click... Sorry! Music on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
And tell me that I am not living in 3rd world country :-)
+Tomasz Stopka for a change it's working in Netherlands... often get messages about not supported language on more than a few platforms. My computer and browser are default to english
That is actually fairly cool, +John Mueller you think they might do the same for brands, tv shows or movies at some point?
I had to do some serious scrolling to find the dubstep... but it's there at least ;P
So how did they measure popularity? And how did they assign genre to each (song?)?
Good morning,my name Ismael I live Burkina Faso
Wow, it allows for digging deeper into each genre!
Jazz is not dead. It just smells funny.
Ska is in the wrong place this should be 1980 era, specials the beat etc. And where is punk
+Tobias Sasse not to sure punk was punk had it's own style and identity, alternative and indie came afterwards.
I like that Idea of identifying the music genre with the impact they had on the community, hopefully it has the right roots and trends from beginning to end.. nice work..

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