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I listened to all kinds of Voodoo Chil[de] interpretations from YouTube this morning (hey, why not :)). There are some awesome versions out there, and some that surprised me.

Kids' bands are always fun, but the lead guitarist here is pretty good: KGMC Band - Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix - Cover 

How about Finnish? I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but here's Huuruissa (Voodoo Chile cover in Finnish)

Apparently an improvised audience request .. on piano: Johannes Kiem "Voodoo Chile" (Hendrix) Paraphrase

Another 12 year-old: Voodoo Chile' ~ Hendrix cover by Alex Shaw~ 12 yr old lead guitarist Feb 2013 

Mandolin? Really? but it's not even that bad Jimi Hocking - Voodoo Chile (Blues Mandolin)

Harmonica wasn't surprising to find, but actually pretty reasonable: VooDoo Child (Chile) - Jimi Hendrix cover by Dick Earl - Harmonica

What did I miss? 
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John Mueller

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Awesome - of course it'll still use floppy disks! 
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Google Smart Watch coming soon :)
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John Mueller

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I'd love to see more of how the Webmaster Tools API is being used, or where people are otherwise reusing data from Webmaster Tools. Who has some neat examples, or ideas? What would you love to see in an updated API? 
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I really would like to have an EASY way to export ALL crawl-errors (not only 5.000) and also ALL "linked from" data for those crawl errors.

That way I could decide, which crawls errors are important enough to take care of...
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Why didn't anyone ever tell me that you can use Dr Pepper to make a cake?!

I miss the Tex-Mex food here, so I'm going to be sucking in the rest of the site's recipes all weekend :)
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+John Mueller sounds like how it goes in my house.
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John Mueller

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Without going into this particular site, I really liked the systematic approach taken by the webmaster in finding, analyzing and resolving the issues with the links to their site.
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I would love to but I cant, I am not well liked by TC's. I am a very nice person but have been attacked on so many occasions and almost always have ended up being correct in my statements only to be torn apart by people like Lysis. My biggest gripe is that Google relies on TC's to deal with their issues and fails to give them all the info they need> Its an incredbily bad user experience for web site owners, especially when some knowledgeable website owners know more than the TC's who demand otherwise only to be proven wrong. But by then the hurled abuse is so strong that you have been totally made a fool of even though you have ended up being correct.
My only safe haven has been with John and I help anyone 100% free of charge that comes to em and asks for it.

there are so many instances in the past that have ended up the way around I said it would but the advice to others has been different that I cannot wage a war/debate on each subject.

people come to the forums regardless if they did something wrong, they are showing face and want to solve the issue. Aggravating people in need is not something I want. People come in and lie and all sorts and too many people are too quick to judge why they are in that position and it all comes down to unclear facts from Google.

Google is far more concerned with hiding facts from would be spammers than it is from disclosing them to legitimate users. This will always end in the same result. The spammers will figure it out first and spread the word even with blackhat methods and game the system. The businesses will not be able to compete mostly SME's and will see no choice but to do the same thing as Google indicates to them that this is a method to rank.
The churn and burn spammers move on to the next method and the only people affected badly by the algo updates are the genuine business owners. They come to forums and get blasted and given wrong information in many cases.

The system does not work. I have no interest in helping people on the forum for this matter but I will dedicate all my FREE time to helping people for FREE. I help on MOZ when I can and where there are not so many self righteous know it all Google lovers. that's not an attack on anyone its simply the experience too many people have and unless Google wants to have paid staff dealing with these issues then the best bet is an independent service like MOZ and to also participate in hangouts with  people like John where they can actually have a face to face voice chat with a Google employee who can give cold hard facts to questions and always gets back to people if he is unsure with the exact answer they need.

Once again I have always seen you on there to give good advice to the best of your knowledge and its widely appreciated. I greatly respect +Rob Maas and a few other TC's opinions as they participate in these hangouts frequently.
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John Mueller

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I still do not see how this animal would produce more alcohol sales?  One would think in seeing this animal in a bar that they had already drank too much.
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John Mueller

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Guess how Googlebot for smartphones sees this page ... :-/
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+Michael Mahemoff

Well, we are digressing from the original topic/question
how the GoogleBot sees such bad practices.

My guess is GoogleBot sees it differently. ;-)

The intent behind is often marketing but sometimes also for technical reasons.

( )

I do not see any good reason why to turn the open web into a landscape of walled gardens.

So we are coming again to the point does Google do it better?

Excluding without technical or legal reasons some devices or web browsers from accessing content on the web is evil!
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John Mueller

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Gutes Ranking in der Google Bildersuche? So geht’s! [Infografik] > via +Martin Missfeldt #ImageSearch
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+John Mueller super. Dank dir.
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John Mueller

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The next round for +Google Webmasters Central office hours is lined up for tomorrow. Add your questions (even if you can't make it live), and drop by if you have time -- see you there! 



I'll also add the next batch of Monday / Friday hangouts tomorrow, so if you have any specific topics you'd like them to be focused on, drop a note here. How's your sitemap-foo? Need help handling duplicate content? Are you planning a site-move or getting HTTPS lined up? Would you like some myths busted? I'd love to hear topic ideas.
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HTTPS will be a timely topic, with all the latest news. Always ready for some myth busting.
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Oh, thanks! Ahahaha! Now I get it!  :-D
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