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John Mueller

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Guess how Googlebot for smartphones sees this page ... :-/
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+Michael Mahemoff

Well, we are digressing from the original topic/question
how the GoogleBot sees such bad practices.

My guess is GoogleBot sees it differently. ;-)

The intent behind is often marketing but sometimes also for technical reasons.

( )

I do not see any good reason why to turn the open web into a landscape of walled gardens.

So we are coming again to the point does Google do it better?

Excluding without technical or legal reasons some devices or web browsers from accessing content on the web is evil!
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Why didn't anyone ever tell me that you can use Dr Pepper to make a cake?!

I miss the Tex-Mex food here, so I'm going to be sucking in the rest of the site's recipes all weekend :)
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+John Mueller sounds like how it goes in my house.
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John Mueller

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Without going into this particular site, I really liked the systematic approach taken by the webmaster in finding, analyzing and resolving the issues with the links to their site.
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Eternal Life: it is a different
quality of life, it means u
have God's quality of life has
God has ie you have equal
life with God. People don't go
to hell bcos of their sins or
sinning but for rejecting the
payment of Jesus for sin ie
by rejecting Jesus. People sin
cos of wrong believing.
wrong believing gives you
wrong living. God or Jesus
didn't accept you bcos you
are holy but is by His grace.
what Jesus did on the cross
is bigger than any sin you
can think of in this life. Jesus

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Oh, thanks! Ahahaha! Now I get it!  :-D
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John Mueller

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If you're in Paris on Thursday and you're keen on learning more about Webmaster Tools & rich snippets, here's your chance!
Nous organisons ce jeudi 10 avril une soirée dédiée aux Webmaster Tools de Google.

+Zineb Ait Bahajji, Webmaster Trends Analyst chez +Google Switzerland à Zürich, viendra présenter les apports de ces outils dédiés aux administrateurs web et montrera comment les intégrer sur vos sites.

Dans un second temps, +Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst chez +Google  à Zürich, présentera l’impact des données structurées sur les moteurs des recherches et montrera comment les utiliser sur vos sites pour permettre une meilleure indexation. (en Anglais)

Un grand merci à +Devoteam qui héberge cette soirée.

N.B. : il reste une poignée de places disponibles.
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+John Mueller - cool that rich snippets are getting the global attention deserved.

Congratulations 2 the wonderful team at Google, on making such progress, in such a short period time. Semantic Markup (structured data) is now critical, for Webmasters both small and large.

Lets all help make a better Web.

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John Mueller

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I'd love to see more of how the Webmaster Tools API is being used, or where people are otherwise reusing data from Webmaster Tools. Who has some neat examples, or ideas? What would you love to see in an updated API? 
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We are using Top Queries Data and Top pages data. Also Love to get Manual Actions. And all this data would be able to get using Oauth 2.0 credentials and with API.
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John Mueller

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Gutes Ranking in der Google Bildersuche? So geht’s! [Infografik] > via +Martin Missfeldt #ImageSearch
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+John Mueller super. Dank dir.
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John Mueller

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The next round for +Google Webmasters Central office hours is lined up for tomorrow. Add your questions (even if you can't make it live), and drop by if you have time -- see you there! 



I'll also add the next batch of Monday / Friday hangouts tomorrow, so if you have any specific topics you'd like them to be focused on, drop a note here. How's your sitemap-foo? Need help handling duplicate content? Are you planning a site-move or getting HTTPS lined up? Would you like some myths busted? I'd love to hear topic ideas.
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HTTPS will be a timely topic, with all the latest news. Always ready for some myth busting.
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John Mueller

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I love playing with magnets, but I also love Oreos.
Decisions, decisons.
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I wear magnets on my leg 24/7. I don't believe the crazy quackery that people go on about about how these 'heal' all sorts of things. All I know is that I regained nerve function in my foot because of wearing them, after 8 years of no progress.
Magnets are awesome!
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John Mueller

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It's fantastic to see this live! If you're a local business, you can use your own website to provide information about your location & opening hours (and more) using markup.
Very excited to share this with the world: If you have business website, whether it's a national chain or a local business, we're announcing support for structured data markup to help us surface the correct business info in Google search.

What kind of info? A selection:
- Customer service (and other) phone numbers
- Business opening hours, locations
- Restaurant menus (yummy)

This info tends to be on what's called a "location page" like a store locator for a chain or the contact us page for a small business. To help you build the best user- and search-friendly location pages, we're also publishing detailed guidelines along with our code examples:

And for corporate phone numbers:

We have a nice overview on the Webmaster Central blog:
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+Matt Storms I'll take a look. Thanks!
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