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These students are developing an inexpensive and portable device that can raise text right off the page.

(via +Smithsonian Magazine)

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Get the inside scoop on #io17 directly from Shoreline
If you won’t be at Shoreline in-person this year but you’re curious about what’s happening on the ground, we’ve got you covered!

I/O Requests program
On May 17-19 (not before!), send us your I/O related questions via public English tweets that include the #io17request hashtag. Our team of Google Community Managers across Android, Chrome, Assistant, VR, Machine Learning, and more will track down answers to your burning questions, and reply to your post from one of our official Google handles.

If you want to see what others are curious about:
-- Check the #io17request social feed that will be on during the event
-- Search for #io17request on Twitter
-- Follow the Twitter Moment that will be live during I/O on our Google Developers profile

I/O Guide
Follow our Guide, Timothy Jordan, as he tours the venue exploring the sandboxes & demos, and talking to speakers & attendees. You can find him on any of our livestream channels throughout the event, in-between sessions.

How to make JavaScript-based sites work well with search is something I've been getting asked about a bit, so in the spirit of having open discussions, I set up a public working-group to discuss how things are working out :)

Feel free to join and/or send folks there!!forum/js-sites-wg

My goal is to figure out how things are working out for sites at the moment, what tricks they're doing to "fix" search, and what we need to change or document on our side. Some sites do crazy things, I think! We only see the end result for search, so it's hard to know. 

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Here's the video of my recent "Build the Perfect VR Room" talk.

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Ich find's toll, dass Hoster fuer HTTPS Werbung machen, aber dann bitte richtig. Wenn das Marketing-Team beim Hoster den Unterschied zwischen HTTPS & "angreifbare Websites" kennt, hoffe ich, dass wenigstens die Techniker das kennen... hoffentlich.

TLS Zertifikate gibt's auch kostenlos ueber , viele gute Hoster unterstuetzen das auch direkt, ohne dass man etwas zahlen muss. Websites ohne HTTPS werden bei Google nicht "abgestraft", ebensowenig wie "angreifbare" Websites (jede Website ist schliesslich "angreifbar"). HTTPS & sichere Websites (vorallem aktuelle CMS-/Server-Versionen & richtige Sicherheitseinstellungen!) sind natuerlich eine gute Sachen fuer jede Website, sie sind aber auch dann gut wenn man sie objektiv betrachtet, und benoetigen keine Angstmacherei. 

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We are excited to announce that this years I/O Extended will be in the beautiful new Google office at Sihlpost, next to the Zurich main station.

We will watch the keynote together drink some beer and talk about technology. And of course we have some T-Shirts and other swag for you.

We will have some time to to socialize before and after the live streaming and if you would like to use the time to give a short (2-5 min) pitch about a topic, do contact us and we arrange it. This could be teasing about a possible presentation topic to gather response from the crowd or just introducing yourself to break the ice.

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Livestream, Terminplan & News: App zur Google I/O 2017 wurde veröffentlicht
In etwas mehr als einer Woche beginnt die Entwicklerkonferenz Google I/O
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