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Weird mushroom in the yard (shovel and gloves deal)

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John Mount

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There is a lot of current interest in various “crypto currencies” such as Bitcoin, but that does not mean there have not been previous combined ledger and token recording systems. Other…
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As Yuval Noah Harari pointed out, Osama bin Laden hated everything about the US, but he was happy to take US money, because he knew that pretty much anyone would sell him things for it. The viability of a currency largely rests on how many people believe in it.

John Mount

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John Mount

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John Mount

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by Nina Zumel Principal Consultant Win-Vector LLC We've just finished off a series of articles on some recent research results applying differential privacy to improve machine learning. Some of these results are pretty technical, so we thought it was worth working through concrete examples. And some of the original results are locked behind academic journal paywalls, so we've tried to touch on the highlights of the papers, and to play around with...

John Mount

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Trying to get a more approachable "needs based" description of our company (Win-Vector LLC) together: 
Principal Consultant, Win-Vector LLC
  • Win-Vector LLC
    Principal Consultant, present
I produce applied research, prototyping and training in information extraction, algorithms and data-mining for web-scale businesses, hedge funds and start ups. Right now I do this as a consultant at Win-Vector LLC. 

Please check out our book Practical Data Science with R

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Catty title aside, this post takes a good swing at defining terms we hear thrown around about data these days and they mostly do a good job.

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Hollywood movies are obsessed with outrunning explosions and outrunning crashing alien spaceships. For explosions the movies give the optima