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John Morris

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Spoiled! :)
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John Morris

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Soldiered up for a ball war!
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Ever felt unmotivated or uninspired while working on a project?

You felt it at first... you were super excited to get started... you felt like you could take on the world...

Then, about halfway through it was ALL gone.

No passion. No inspiration. No motivation.

It happens for a reason.

It's not chance or luck. It's not a fluke... or even something you necessarily did wrong.

And, there IS a way to fix it.

And, once you do... boy do things change.

Suddenly, the fire ignites again. Your mind lights back up. And you FEEL driven to crank out the project and get it done.

And, in fact... there's a way to orient your entire business around this fix so that you never lose your passion mid-project again.

If that sounds like something you'd like to learn, then listen to this week's podcast because I reveal what the fix is and the 4-part process I use to implement it.
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John Morris

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One of the biggest mistakes I think coders make is getting so caught up in the technical side of their coding career that they lose track of all the other (often MORE important) aspects of being a successful coder.

I know I did.

In fact, for the longest time I held this completely erroneous belief that talent trumped everything. That all I needed to worry about was being talented and I'd be good.


Because of that I couldn't figure out why I started to lose out on client after client and constantly get underbid by coders who I KNEW were less talented.

Couldn't my potential clients see?

Well, things got bad enough that I eventually had to swallow my pride and figure it out. And, as I did I began to realize that your technical talent is only one very small part of being successful as a freelance coder.

Eventually, I discovered what I call "The 5 Stages of Coding Career Development"... and man did my life change.

Suddenly, I had a real roadmap to methodically build my business and my career. I knew exactly what to do in order to consistently get clients to pick me... EVEN IF someone tried to underbid me.

Eventually, I stopped bidding on projects on Elance and oDesk altogether. And now today I turn down way more work than I accept. Not to mention I'm just way happier.

Well, in this podcast I want to share that same information with you. I want to teach you those 5 stages and help you discover which stage you're at... and how to quickly move to the next one.

So, you can experience that same kind of sudden shift in your career that I did.
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A few years ago, I was really lost in my coding career. I had spent so much time mastering the technical aspects of coding that I never gave any thought to my career as a whole.

And as I was becoming more and more comfortable with the technical side, I began to wonder...

What's next?

Where do I go from there and how do I get there?

As I searched for answers, I discovered what I call the 5 stages of coding career development.

Suddenly, my certainty swelled. I knew exactly where I was and what I need to focus on... and I was able to quickly move to the next stage... which mean more income and more freedom.

Now, in this video, I'm going to share that exact same information with you so you can get the same kind of results I did.
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Easter bunny came early this morning! Happy Easter! 
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John Morris

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This cost me 4 years of my life...

4 years I could have been doing what I loved for a living...

4 years I could have been living well instead of struggling to make ends meet...

4 years further down the road to success I could be right now...

I regret those 4 years every day of my life because the mistake I was making is SO easy to solve... and it was a mistake I didn't have to make.

In this episode of the John Morris Show, I'm going to share with you what that mistake, why almost EVERY coder makes it, and how to quickly get over it.
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John Morris

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Have you ever lost all your motivation in the middle of a project? Or ever have moments where you don't feel like coding at all?

I know I have.

In fact, this once hit me in the middle of a major project for a very well-known company.

It was one of the biggest projects of my career and here I was right in the middle of it... suddenly struggling to find any motivation.

Then it dawned on me what was missing.

I quickly made a few changes with how I was approaching the project and it changed everything.

I felt motivated again. I remembered why I took the project in the first place. And, I was able to dive back in and knock it out of the park.

Now in this video I want to share the secret I used to re-ignite my fire and get back on track.

Even more than that, this 4-part secret will help you find your deepest source of motivation for everything you do.

Most coders I see know very little about this. Not because they're not smart, but because they don't think it's important.

It is and in this video I'll show you why... PLUS how to do it so you make sure your fire always stays lit.
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John Morris

commented on a video on YouTube.
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+Adel Sultan Well, I can't really help you with that particular thing because it's about what you're passionate about. Being only 15, I'd play with both and over time one will become a clear winner. Do that one. I wouldn't really worry about which one is more "practical", etc. Do the one you care about. That's more important in the long-run.
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John Morris

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You ever get tired of the Elance/oDesk bidding wars? Losing clients to the lowest bidder? Well, I just released a new video where I share the strategy I use to get clients to chase me and avoid those battles altogether.

What's awesome is once you get this set up right... not only do clients start coming to you, but they'll almost beg you to work on their projects... and they NEVER question your pricing.

I started doing this a few years ago when I got frustrated with always trying to chase the next client and I haven't bid on an open project in Elance for a very long time.

If that sounds like something you'd like to learn how to do then check out this free YouTube video:

And, be sure to let me know what you learned from it.
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Thanks! Glad it was helpful!
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I like talking about myself in the 3rd person... it makes me feel important, so here goes...

John Morris is a web designer and developer currently living in Des Moines, IA. While PHP is his main love, he is a “jack-of-all-trades” with knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL; as well as, video production experience and marketing knowledge.

John is currently employed by WishList Products, creators of WishList Member, and works as a part of the development, support, and content creation teams.

Recently, John created to teach those looking to learn PHP the ins and outs of advanced PHP development.

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Dana College
  • University of Phoenix-Online
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