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John Moore
Working with small business owners to build and maintain assets on the web.
Working with small business owners to build and maintain assets on the web.


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Suzi loves the story "Not a Box" by Antoinette Portis. So here is Suzi showing us how fun a wild ride with Mr. Toad can be...
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The Eclipse from a two year old's point of view... Color it!!!

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Wrapping up a weekend house painting job.. About 90% of the job is setup and clean up... <sigh>. All this so I can work on the new decking, a classic rabbit hole if I ever saw one.

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Dinner and a movie?? Or better yet, dinner and a story from Nana... (with clean up by LuLu...)

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Suzi is taking Nana out for a one mile jog... Yes Miss Suzi does the whole mile.. (with a few pauses to inspect rocks, flowers, seeds, and anything else that captures the attention of a 20 month old.)

The fun part is watching her "skippy hoppy run" with arms flapping and swinging the whole time..

Tickles a grandfather's heart...

Hi +Jami Rinderknecht

It appears that your post does not allow a reply. I don't know if it is a problem at G+'s end our the way you posted it.

Either way you might want to repost it in order to get a reply from the community.

I'll add my comments to your issue when you repost.

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I couldn't resist this picture... To be as content and comfortable as Mr. Kit looks... <sigh>

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"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water"

(Old Zen saying, of which I could not find a definitive source)

Today we (my son and I) finished stacking our winter wood. We have been cutting, splitting it into a large pile for months. And now it is neatly stacked. While carrying the wood and stacking it, I was meditating on the meaning of the above quote, (one of my favorites) and also about an online discussion from +David Amerland 's Sunday Read on Illusion:

Though the quote has so many variants of meanings, for me it reminds me that the closest we get to "a reality" is our direct and unfiltered experience of the mundane.

No judgement, no external meaning, it is only "just what it is", nothing more.

So, that is the share of my mediations today, my stack of wood, and it is, "just what it is".


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Driver's Training Begins....

I know, seems a bit young to begin learning to drive. Maybe I should start when she is 4 or 5...? That was when I started to drive (a tractor).

This brings up something that frequently troubles me. The totally horrid driving skills that exist on our byways.. I do not exaggerate one bit. I live in a rural pocket in the North County of San Diego with winding roads, and sadly the "city folk" frequently pass through on their way to somewhere else...

Swerving in the lane, over steering, under steering, cutting corners over the double yellow line on blind curves, breaking at EVERY curve regardless of how shallow... I could go on, and on...

I'm nervous driving down the road right down the valley below.. I think that has the highest probability of my demise will be some idiot passing on a blind curve.. (yes, happens more that you dare imagine..)

If we lost over 3,000 people per year in a single state (in this case Calif) to a disease, we would be declaring an emergency.. But how many of those deaths are cause by lack of training and skill? Don't have that answer, but I do have the stat that over 90% of road accidents are due to "human error"..

Would not training have an impact on that..???

Anyway, my granddaughter will be an excellent driver... I'll see to that one personally. An her first lesson begins now...

Keep your eyes on the road ahead...

(Note, both my son and daughter could not get their license until they past "my" driving test.. Took them nearly a year of my training to pass it..)

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