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If they ever make a live action Pokemon film Harry Lloyd should play James from Team Rocket.

You should be able to tell Google Now which schools are important to you (because you attend them, or have children who do). Then Now should pull data from their public calendars and present them as cards. 

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Well, err, yes, um. Hmm.

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Back in August of last year (2013, for those with short memories, or coming to this in the distant future), Badass of the Week ran a Kickstarter campaign to produce a set of playing cards. Not a card game, like Magic: The Gathering or The Spoils etc, but a deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers.

After a long process, which I'm sure was a learning process for Ben Thompson (the guy behind Badass of the Week), mine cigar box finally arrived yesterday. 

The level I backed it at got me two decks of full art badass cards, each one with their own person from history, a beer coaster, a full color booklet with details on each of the cards and a cigar box to keep them all in.

This, is the Badass: Spades and Grenades Cigar Box

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FINALLY! beat FTL. (On easy.)

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Fighting the urge to troll. Where'd that cuppa tea go?

And yes, I do still need a job. ;)

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I got to thinking the other day, which is always a tad disconcerting, but still, I got to thinking the other day.

Detective John Munch was a member of the Baltimore PD ( ) until he moved to New York, where he got work in the Special Victim's Unit ( ) in 1999.
Before he transferred he interviewed a group of unusual suspects ( ) in connection with a series of events, which causes him to cross paths with Special Agent Mulder. 

Now, if we pull back, a second what we have as a Law & Order / X-Files crossover. This is fairly well known. But I think it actually explains something. Because the Law& Order shows make use of local actors, which causes some actors to appear as more than one character. ( )
But when we consider that the L&O universe and the X-Files universe are one in the same, an explanation becomes clear. An in universe explanation.

Somewhere in rural Canada, Mulder uncovers a cloning scheme ( ).

And suddenly it all fits in to place.

But it doesn't stop there. Because in addition to Homicide, L&O and X-Files, Munch has also appeared in Arrested Development and been name checked on Luther...

And that's where it begins to get fun all over again. Idris Elba plays alongside Munch in The Wire, but also appears in Luther. 

But that's not the only clone Munch has worked alongside: Munch and the rest of SVU team took down Amelia Chase, a rapist and a clone of ADA Casey Novak.

And given that Chris Carter is back creating things I feel like the rabbit hole is about to go a little deeper.

Any chance of getting a list of forthcoming Themer Actions and a roadmap for when they might be available? Or is that a closely guarded secret?
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