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Ideas in a superhero setting
There are some things that I keep coming back to in superhero settings. I don't know if they'll show up in the Strange City setting, but if one doesn't, it's because I've made a conscious effort to keep it out. You might have mental tics like this too, well...

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A Sketchy Background
I'm going to try to create a background for stuff I produce. A first draft of a few items is here: Strange City background Don't be surprised to see other ideas that I have proposed make their way into this. For now, I purposely want to keep this short. I d...

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Oh, there's an odd concept
Well, not odd in the sense of "new theory" but odd in the sense that I can't recall seeing it in a character before. So Legacy is the latest in a long, long line of superheroes, and her ability is to manifest the powers of any of her super-powered ancestors...

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Okay, stage one...
My intention right now is to pick a time and be available to host a game at that time, probably on Roll20. Weekly, if possible. If people show up, we'll play. If they don't show up, I'll wait a bit and then go do my own thing. To make it easier, I've finish...

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A clarification about stunting in ICONS
SYSTEM: ICONS So over on Facebook, I asked, in a long-winded way, this: Looking for a clarification here. Do extras on a stunted power cost additional Determination points or Advantages? (That is, stunting a power with an extra costs 2 DP, and requires two ...

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Actual play: A solo superhero session
SYSTEM: ICONS If you follow this link , you get to a PDF of a solo superhero story I just did with the Mythic GME version I've been tinkering with (apparently the Mythic Yahoo group has one similar to it; I can only say that I have never looked at it, but I...

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The Concorde campaign
This is mostly a piece to record memories of a campaign. It will probably be boring to anyone but me, but I'll throw in some commentary about what I did wrong or right. (If you played with me, feel free to chime in and correct my memories because it has bee...

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A D6 Mythic GME
A version of the Mythic GME I've been trying out is here: More info at some future time.

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Bizarre idea
Is the process of D&D 5E moving back to its roots itself a kind of populism? I'm loathe to treat gaming as anything but a side note in people's lives, but it does reflect some of the people who play it, and that can be ugly...witness the ugliness of GamerGa...

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Some updates
I updated the Freedom Force characters and the conversions I did of Hero Games characters; appropriate links in those entries. It's a long weekend here, so you may or may not see more of me. Hope the Canadians are having a good long weekend, and hope the Am...
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