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A possible change
So the perils of young love: my godson stopped dating the GM for his and my daughter's D&D group. She asked me to step in for a session or two (or three or just the one; depends on how we all like it: children can be fussy about parents being around). In th...

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Superheroes don't miss
SYSTEM: ANY Having watched Thor Ragnarok and Justice League on two successive days, this morning in the shower I came to a realization: For the most part, superheroes and supervillains don't miss. Oh, they fail to do damage...but they rarely miss. They catc...

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Various campaigns
Another reminiscence post. Skip if you want interesting. I'm trying to remember the campaigns I've run. Some of them were short because they didn't work (the universe-hopping one seemed like a good idea, but it was flawed). Others were short because of game...

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And we just got back from Justice League...
SYSTEM: ICONS And it wasn't bad. I certainly didn't feel like I was watching a polished turd (to refer back to Vanity Fair ). And for context, I was underwhelmed by Man of Steel and tolerated the theatre version of Batman v. Superman . But I caught MoS on T...

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Atlantean terrorists
SYSTEM: Any You know, hundreds of nuclear weapons have been lost at sea. (I believe it was hundreds, the New York Times did a story on it late in the 1980s, early in the 1990s.) Heck, whole nuclear submarines have been lost at sea. You know who has the reso...

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Thor Ragnarok and being off the scale
SYSTEM: ICONS Yes, Thor Ragnarok is a fun film that doesn't take itself seriously while demolishing huge swathes of the Thor myths. There are spoilers galore ahead, as there will be when I finally write up the characters...even though this is mostly about w...

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Thoughts on SuperTindr
SYSTEM: ANY I saw a preview over on G+ for Green Lanterns that mentioned a dating app for superheroes. And I started thinking about an app for supervillains and superheroes. Not to date, but to have combats. Actually, I'm not joking (though I'm sure it has ...

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No Drop-In tonight, November 15
It turns out that tonight is the only night that my son can join his mother and me in seeing Thor: Ragnarok . So a one-time family event trumps gaming. Take care tonight, all, and I hope things are well.

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Episodes 7 and 8 of the Drop-In: Interlude, and The Panopticon of Hell
SYSTEM: ICONS Episode 7: Interlude and Episode 8: The Panopticon of Hell I'm combining these two because, unfortunately, I wasn't running at my best and session 7 of the Drop-In was a largely improvised interlude getting the heroes from outside the security...

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Some GMing Thoughts
SYSTEM: Any I'm hit and miss on Johnn Four's GMing newsletter. A lot of it is very D&D-focused, which doesn't mean anything to me. But today he had a couple of pieces of advice that I'd like to re-spin in my own way. And this is basic stuff, because I don't...
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