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John McKinlay

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This is a very strange Friday, guys ... I could have swore that this was Saturday! :p
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John McKinlay

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Okay guys. Here's a development blog for y'all ... is the url.
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John McKinlay

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Failure is always an option. So, today I'm calling in a Mulligan for the video that failed today. I'll continue trying, but expect today's video tomorrow, and a video Friday. 
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John McKinlay

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NEW VIDEO! Euro Truck Simulator 2! is back, BABY! heh! Trucking! Not Modded, Yet! Channel Development 2014!
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To all my Google+ People who use LastPass ... this may be of interest to you! 

Keep yourself safe, guys. 

Change your passwords often! #heartbleed  
Due to the nature of the Heartbleed bug, you shouldn't change all your passwords just yet. LastPass will let you know which ones to change, and when:
This week, a giant security hole came to light that affects a large portion of the internet. As different sites recover, you'll need to change your passwords, and now LastPass tells you when to do so.
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Sleeping Pattern is officially Borked! I'm going to have to go all the way round and be a night owl for another few days. #EntrepreneurProblems
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NEW VIDEO! Flying! Glasgow! FSX! New Series! Enjoy!
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John McKinlay

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Well, that was interesting. I now have all of the USB ports I need to keep my controllers all plugged in, and ready to go. The downside is the USB Hub (10 port) is a powered one that's bright red LEDs ... damn.

I'm also in the middle of re-installing Flight Simulator X & Acceleration. So, I may do a video on some of my favourite aircraft. We'll see. 
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John McKinlay

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Remember, New Video goes live at 18:00 (6 PM) Local Time. I aim to do this Monday / Wednesday / Friday - Mood/Business/GF permitting.
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