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If you #StandWithPP, you are standing against Pope Francis.
It has been depressing to see my timelines turn from celebrations of Pope Francis to defenses of an organization that does not deny and refuses to get out of the business of dismembering unborn children. Contrary to what you may have read, the religious lea...
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John McGuinness

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Types of Fan Anger
Hearing the Baseball Tonight crew spend 10 minutes taking down the Padres for not managing to sell any of their players at the trade deadline, I was wondering why this was such a big deal, and got thinking of why this, and other things get fans upset. What ...
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John McGuinness

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Can there be honorable defeat?
Consider this post an appetizer for my upcoming more comprehensive post on the same sex marriage decision. I am generally sympathetic, if not downright enthusiastic, toward pleas like Ross Douthat's The Terms of Our Surrender , searching for a path forward ...
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John McGuinness

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At Bike To Work Day at Lake Union Park recruiting riders for #CFCycle for life 
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John McGuinness

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Local news shares my Pi day ambivalence. 
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John McGuinness

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A Pan For Security Theatre
I'm reluctant to relate this story, because I am happy that the Holy Father's visit to the US and Philadelphia went so well. I am proud of both the area I grew up in and my faith that has been on display these past few weeks. I'm happy to see the spirit tha...
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John McGuinness

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To my progressive Catholic and Christian friends...
I have seen your celebrations of the Supreme Court decision establishing same sex marriage, and I wanted to explain why I can't quite join you in them, and talk about how we can move forward together. -- First, to establish my bona fides... As you may know,...
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John McGuinness

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This was the heading of the results from one of the many tests Meagan had to undergo to check if she had any lung infections. My immediate response was, "Concerning for whom?" While it was true that the tests had not detected any new virulent infections, it...
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John McGuinness

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The Official "On the Next Episode" Approved Sentence List...
As many others have noted, the "On the next episode" teasers that play at the end of Mad Men  episodes seem calculated to reveal as little of what actually happens on the next episode as possible. The Man Bites Blog investigative team has uncovered the offi...
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John McGuinness

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Both children and adults...
Thi s piece on the catechesis of confirmaton candidates crossed a couple of my timelines. As both a parent and a volunteer catechist for the Confirmation program (which is for 16 year olds) here in Washington, I think there are a couple of points worth bear...
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Catholic husband, father, and software engineer living in Seattle.

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