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I was slightly offended when +Newt Gingrich claimed you couldn't put a gun rack in the back of a +Chevrolet Volt. As a red blooded American, I couldn't let this just go with out action. I accepted the challenge, and with an hour's worth of work, I installed a three-tiered gun rack in the back of my Volt.

You can see my Remington Model 11, the first auto-loading shotgun produced in the USA, fit comfortably. Rear-facing visibility is not affected as the guns sit below the eye line.
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Best response to one of the stupidest and most ill-conceived political statements ever.

Totally McVolt.
What was the context he made this statement in? I can't even imagine why he thought it was relevant or worth saying.
+John Tamplin The context was that he's a fucking douchebag. Sorry, did that come off a bit strong? I'm just sick of apologizing for this guy, coming from Georgia.
Nobody takes Newt seriously though (as a candidate).
+Joel Webber That much is a given, but I assume he still has some reason for what he says. It just didn't make much sense even after reading the explanation.
Did you not watch him in the other video?
Newt also has a long and distinguished history of opening his mouth before his brain has kicked into gear.
Interesting... but, please forgive the ignorance and curiosity, why would you need a gun rack in the car in the first place?
Why not, I would ask? Hell, I admire anyone for doing something a jerkoff career politician running for president told him he (basically) couldn't.
+Shafeeq Hamza, to fend off the zombie masses. The electric range will get you about 40 miles - enough to vacate the infected populace. However, once the generator kicks in, you might have passengers taking shots at horde.

In all seriousness, I do not need a gun rack for any of my cars. Newt is playing a dirty political game to smear a perfectly good car.
I don't see how it is smear anyway -- he clearly didn't mean it wasn't actually possible, he was just making some stupid comment with the apparent point that the need for gasoline wasn't going away so we should work to make gas cheaper. Since a Volt still can use gas a better way to make that point would have been a pure EV.
No doubt if Mr. Newt had said "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" you could have found an old dog to hit over the head with a club so it would "play dead", just to prove Mr. Newt wrong. A liberal smart-arse will be a smart-arse will be a smart-arse.
Next step -- make it a factory-build option! :)
+Robert McKay - so, it doesn't bother you at all that he was, in fact, wrong? Then again, so are most Republicans. How's it feel to know you're going to lose the election? Unemployment is down, confidence is up, DOW 5,000 above Bush - or as Republicans put it, let's talk about gay people and abortion!
+Robert McKay, your usage of the term "liberal" in the same sentence as "John McDole" indicates to me you know very little about the man you appear to be calling a smartass. I'm left to wonder if you feel anyone who can think for themselves and display any level of creativity and intelligence is a "liberal"?
Damn. I just realized I got trolled by a dipshit.
+Robert McKay, I like dogs and other animals, so I wouldn't be quick to harm them. I'm also a registered republican with Libertarian leanings. Your comment mirrors that of other mindless republican trolls that tow the party line without question. I don't have to work hard to prove Mr. Newt wrong; he already makes it easy enough by being wrong so many times.
+John Tamplin, Newt and many others try to paint the volt as "Obama's car", which is a falsehood. It was announced and designed in 2007. My patience for even slight subliminal suggestion to the mob masses has reached about zero. If you can't tell, the video was done in humor and me having to explain this is killing the punch line. Thanks ;)
+John McDole Ok, I haven't paid enough attention to know he was connecting the Volt to Obama -- makes sense though, given repeated hammering against the auto bailout and "Government Motors", regardless of when the Volt was actually designed. So, it wasn't so much trying to legitimately illustrate his point but instead just trying to tweak an old wound. That sounds like the Newt I knew :).
+William Scott Lockwood III, I removed Colonel Sanders' troll post and blocked him because he was not adding any value to the conversation. If you don't 100% agree with him, you are not viewed as an intelligent human being.
Fantastic video John. Funny Newt story: When I was in 6th grade Newt came to my school to show off some new learning initiative about money management (details not important and I don't remember them). This visit coincided with one of Newt's many half-hearted scandals. He apparently bounced a bunch of checks and proceeded to look like an idiot on the news. When it came to the Q&A section of his visit, I was the first to raise my hand and asked him if he had bounced any more checks lately and also asked him how he could teach money management when he had no control over his. He smiled and ignored me. I got yanked out of the room by my teachers and pretty much lived in detention after that.

Ron Paul 2012.
Thanks, +David Herron, for that well covered article. I think it covered the topic more than most people that are latching onto my simple stunt of putting a gun rack in a volt.
^^Yes. yes it did and thats pure awesome. +John McDole you just made Moment of Zen, I'd put it on my CV, but thats just me.
I don't know how I missed this when you originally posted it, but bravo sir, just bravo :)
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