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John Martin
Futilitarian, Father, Fantabulist
Futilitarian, Father, Fantabulist

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'm tired of being lied to. I'm tired of broken election promises. I'm tired of deceptive corporate marketing. I'm tired of the everyday hypocrisy that surrounds me every day. But most of all I'm tired of the lies I tell myself. Things will change, things must change ... I will begin with what I can control, I will start with myself. I will hold myself to a higher standard of honesty and I will encourage others to do the same. I will be less tolerant of dishonesty in others even when it benefits me. The truth is precious and trans-formative, it is time we treated it with the respect it deserves. #BeTrue.

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I remember reading this a long time ago ... it sets a bar for what "Thought leadership" should look like in the storage industry.

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My first Computerworld blog got published today ... I'm feeling somewhat chuffed.

Post has attachment  ... 3D Robot Turtles ...  some things are just too cool to ignore ... or is that just me ?

But seriously, IMHO the ability think in structured programmatic ways is not just about the new literacy, or the ability to control a technology that is indistinguishable from magic, its about being able to reduce your problems to small manageable chunks, and think a few moves ahead.

Now if someone has some good suggestions for thinking holistically for kids let me know, until then I'm breaking out the easel,  paintbrushes and modelling clay.

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My 6YO took this picture ... that is just one reason I think he is awesome

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The great item squish .. or not ...
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