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John Martin
Is the Chuck D, of I.T ™ ®
Is the Chuck D, of I.T ™ ®

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Man...I haven't been in this neighborhood for quite some time. How ya'll doin?

Man...I have not been over here in a long time.

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Too good not to share.  #Linus #Unix #Linux #GNU #OpenSource 
finally got to sit down and watch this uninterrupted.  a really good look at the beginnings of Linux operating system, and GNU/Linux as we know it today, and some of the people involved in building it from the start

Hey mother fuckers!!! How ya'll been?

What's the good word?

It looks like everyone cut out for lunch and no invites.   #sadface  

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This is AWESOME!!
The most terrifying prank in the world.
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With all the rain, the worms are out in droves!  The birds will have a feast this morning.

What's the good word?  It's been a while.
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