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John Machin
Ask me about my avatar and I will give you some Hermetic rigmarole.
Ask me about my avatar and I will give you some Hermetic rigmarole.

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Farewell Dungeon World Tavern! 

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Check out the first chapter of the forthcoming Iron Empires graphic novel: Void.

Then go back it on Kickstarter! :)
I posted the entire first chapter of Iron Empires: Void. Read it and let us know what you think. Are you excited for chapter 2?

Ran my Understate set-up at our local con this weekend, ably assisted by +Patrick Henry Downs handout; and it was well received.

The con does a lot of systemless stuff so this was a bit of an experiment. The organisers are keen for more though - victory!

(also picked up a design award, but figure that it really belongs to the players and Vx. ;) )

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This trailer gave a serious AW-in-Space feel. It is uncannily like what I imagined the "prior history" of my current AW-in-space Touchstone to be like.

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Hawken, a mech FPS game from indie outfit Adhesive Games.

Great sounds, nifty visuals of cityscapes, and some nice explody mecha gameplay.

Can't wait! :)

Please answer YES to question 60 in the Census tonight! We are collecting this stuff, let's let it be used!

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Kids, do not open a new tab if you are using Chrome to complete the Australian Census online - it seemed to automatically time me out.

(I had to check how much I earn - leave me alone! I just got promoted!)

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More nerdy game stuff... (I will work out a circle for this any minute now... but most people in any of my circles are game-people so the urgency is less...)

I want to make a Forged Lord/Lord Steward based on this guy (the Regent from some Dishonored concept art). That nice austere look, very Gonzagin!

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Nerdy videogame stuff (again)

The Elder Scrolls idea of "thu'um" (the voice, stormvoice) has always appealed - probably due to its Gloranthaishness. Now it is revealed that the Nordic users of the voice are actually Orlanthi draconic mystics! Or something like that. ;)
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