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I realized that I am doing things and they may interest someone somehow.
Going to bleeding $$$ over the next few months due to actually doing some travel. Might have to buy fewer bottles of liquor and just do stuff with the ones I've got.

May: Trip to DC - well, Arlington - for Lucard's very delayed wedding reception. Going to attempt to do this one car-free; shouldn't be too bad with how DC/VA public transit is looking. Looking forward to seeing how food and drink there measures up to what I'm used to here; last time I was in that part of the country was over 18 years ago. Should definitely be much more fun that it was with a school group.

July: 5th through 9th going to Vegas for Evo( Signed up for SF4, KOF13, MvC3. Running a training rotation - play an hour a day, two days in a row for each game - so I might take some matches instead of going 0-2 three times in a row. If I had that kind of discipline for something useful I could be a pretty good guitarist or build some decent muscles. Definite AWWWW YEAH GROUP RATES ROCK on this one; got a room at Caesar's(where it is being held) for $159/night when Expedia was quoting $252/night average. Even if I do wash out super early, it's still a trip to Vegas. Will need to take care of some west coast only things, such as trying In-n-Out Burger.
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Caesar's is totally cancellable. Checking that deal out now....EDIT: YO DAMN. TOTALLY GOING FOR IT.
...$25 resort fees kill savings and butterflies. This has me DEAL HUNTING at least. THINGS FOR BRAINS TO DO!
If you're not picky about an exact location my best hotel fares have always been to wait until the absolute last possible minute and then lowball for 3.5 and 4 star hotels. Stayed for $50/night at some NICE places that way.
Or, you could skip the travel and stick to the liquor. Blue Max has 40-year Balvenie in. I may have to cash in my 401k for that.
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