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I'm a bit baffled by the lack of text wrapping in Chrome for Android.

Am I missing something or are you really expected to swipe along to read each line of text that doesn't fit in the field of view?

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Jumping on the Snarky Puppy bandwagon. I am loving this album so much.

I started a Twitter account to follow and post about music. I have only followed music related accounts and nothing else, yet Twitter's recommendations are 80% generic celebrities that everyone follows. Surely they're clever enough to figure out the topic I'm interested and only show me related accounts. 

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My battered Sŵn guide that served me so well over the weekend. #swnfestival   #swn2013  

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This is not for everyone, but if you're a fan of drums or drumming then this is an intriguing listen.

Three fantastic drummers got together in a studio a few years back and jammed for a weekend. Nothing was released from the session initially, but finally in a couple of weeks it'll get a proper album release. Forty minutes of nothing but drumming!

Even as a fan of drum solos I was a bit sceptical about a whole album of drumming but it's actually fantastic. It's obviously going to appeal to a niche group of people, but I felt it my duty to spread the word of lesser known music!

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I took a series of quick photos at the park to see if G+ automatically turned them into a gif. It doesn't seem to have done that, but what it did do that I didn't know it could do is automatically create a panorama!

Very cool and useful.

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Musically collaborative G+

Just doing another shoutout to this ongoing (since early 2012) collaborative Spotify playlist. Every time I think it's had its last submission another one appears.

Anyone is welcome to add stuff. Feel free to add any type of music, but try to keep up the general theme of only submitting 1-3 songs between other people adding.

Go nuts!

Google+ feature idea: This might already exist, or be part of how people recommendations work, but it'd be neat to view one of your circles and see a list of people that every person in that circle has in common. A way of discovering new people based on the people you already find to post interesting stuff.

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When I eventually get a cat I'll have to buy one of these cameras.
What do cats REALLY get up to? Watch on "cat cam":

Using GPS trackers and micro-cameras, BBC Two's Horizon followed 10 pet cats in a village in Surrey. Owners were surprised to discover the private habits of their beloved felines...

Do you have a pet cat? What does he/she get up to?

Remember when you used to be able to see posts from people who were nearby on the G+ mobile app? I ended up meeting some interesting people as a result of that feature!
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