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In case anyone was wondering.
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Whaaaaat u just type in what u want to watch, in the search on dash home and it searches the net!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hang on, and I will tell you. :)
No, no it doesn't. There are desktop search apps though, hang on again ...
Something to do with lenses!!?!?!
just doing my sudo upgrade-manager -d on xubuntu now......
Yes, maybe there is a lense for that +T.G Nascent but I haven't got it installed on mine yet. Digging.
Silly me, didn't click the "video" icon in the Dash, it is there.
And it does work, of a fashion. Would be nearly as quick to open a browser up though. Can't see the huge advantage of it, but perhaps I'm being a luddite.
Damn it 30 minutes to download, I bet some bastard is using the university network for non educational purposes... I want my OS god damn it.
Woohoo nice. I'm gonna leave it a bit.....can I make u my guinea pig?!
Hahaha bloody students!!! I'm not sure if I'd use it but u never know!! Cheers looking into it.
Well, I've been using it since beta 2, (so for a few weeks) it's fine.

If you have any bother installing it let me know.
+Matt Rudge i`m just updating for now, but I think a resh install must be on the cards.
Haha. +Matt Rudge Shakespeare apple fanboy!!! I always knew I wasnt keen on him, now I know why!!!! Cheers +John Lewis
+Matt Rudge mine was a fresh 11.10 too and I ended with a mouse pointer and not able to get to the console even, YMMV.

You're welcome +T.G Nascent.
Ah sure it'll be grand! ;)
screw you +Matt Rudge mine has only just finished downloading:( waiting for updates to install now. also just realised my VPS is only running on 9.xx.
What's the worst that can happen +Matt Rudge? :)

+Sean Campbell VPS's bleugh! I have a dedicated server with it's own hard disk that only costs €18 per month, no VPS's for me!
No sign of +Sean Campbell's success or failure. I fear Aberystwyth broadband and overloaded servers may be letting him down.
decided to do a full wipe get rid of windows and just run ubuntu, still not sold on unity though :s
+Matt Rudge terminal fiend also, just used to xfce. Will give this a fair run though. So nice to have finally completely got windows off my laptop
ergh re installing everything is taking an age. adjusting to unity though,.
Will take a good few weeks for you to get used to it I would imagine +Sean Campbell. I tried going back to Gnome 2 after a few weeks and found I couldn't. I was in desktop limbo.
+John Lewis Im actually getting used to it now, just taking me forever to reinstall everything
Always allow at least a couple of hours to get your must have apps back on there. Then allow another couple of hours a few days later to install the ones you forgot the first time. ;)
lol sorting out wine and my audio drivers now, bitwig can not come out soon enough for music making,
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