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Great weekend in Brno at the Linux Color Management Hackfest, a mix of Oyranos, colord, KDE, Gnome, openSuse, Red Hat, and Ubuntu people all just getting on with figuring out how to get things done.  There wasn't even a single heated argument, so don't expect it to hit the headlines any time soon :-)  We really need more of these type of events to build communities around the common desktop infrastructure.  Now to try organise and write-up my thoughts for posting to kde-core-devel and qt-development, could be an epic!

Unfortunately I won't be attending Qt Dev Days this week due to work not being willing to let me have more days off, which is a shame as it now looks like my contract will not be renewed come December and QtDD would have been a great chance to 'network'.
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Cheers, I hope you guys had a good time in Brno :)
I should add thanks to Google, the KDE eV and the Gnome Foundation for sponsorship and to Red Hat for hosting :-)  And to +Sirko Kemter and Kai-Uwe Behrmann for organising.
thx +John Layt beside of all the discussions of how to get printing on Linux color managed and all the knowledge transfer +Lukáš Tinkl mastered it to get kde-colord working, +Dan Vrátil got ksnapshot working color managed and +Honza Grulich reworked kolormanager
great news, John! :) can't wait to see the results.
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