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Why would someone trade his cushy and stable, $1.5 million/year job managing trading for the Royal Bank of Canada and instead jump to a startup seeking to compete against established financial exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange , the dozens of smaller exchanges, and privately-owned “dark pools” that promised an edge on high-frequency trading?

Altruism. To offer investors a more fair marketplace, where they had confidence another more-privileged trader wouldn't front-run them. And it worked.

See how high-frequency trading worked the past seven years, and why the new Investors Exchange #IEX and others like it herald the next regime. Here's the story.
How a band of outsiders discovered that the stock market was rigged — and set out to change it.

John Lam

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Nigh is time to start looking for microblog alternatives, such as http://Identi.ca, and especially hosted and federated StatusNet installs under a domain you control.

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Asana isn't the first, nor only, project collaboration app to renounce mail. Other apps outside project collaboration can and have supplanted mail with activity streams. See why.

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What gives with Google Trusted Mapmaker Reviewers? A few weeks ago i created an entry to distinguish India House Food & Imports from their Restaurant across the street. See from the link below i explicitly noted the difference and potential point of confusion, even linking the store page

Reviewers have similarly denied entries i know to be accurate and even authoritative.
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Thanks for the input. All my Reconnect Rochester profile MapMaker edits passed, no problem, but two initial Gmail profile edits got denied, and now the profile is flagged “some edits have been denied”.

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Join me here for the all day, especially if you live, work, or play in the neighborhood.

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A brilliant new theory posits (and quantifies) a more fundamental basis for life and its emergence in #thermodynamics.

In “Statistical Physics of Self-Replication”, 31-year-old, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor Jeremy England shows, “when a group of atoms is driven by an external source of energy (like the sun or chemical fuel) and surrounded by a heat bath (like the ocean or atmosphere), it will often gradually restructure itself in order to dissipate increasingly more energy. This could mean that under certain conditions, matter inexorably acquires the key physical attribute associated with life.”

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Building tiny isn't quite my style, but building from components, in patterns, open source, is architecture i'd keep close and follow, as the libraries, pattern language, and technology grow, contingent for that right project or situation and in combination with other materials. We know informatic technology grows exponentially, and as the language grows more expressive, so will the designs.

If you haven't time even for the short TED video or, jump into and the in-depth Designers Guide with SketchUp and DXF files.

#architecture   #patternlanguage   #opensource   #CreativeCommons   #TED  

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D'oh, we could have used this a few weeks earlier for !
At Google I/O two years ago we launched Styled Maps in the Google Maps API, which allows you to customize the look of the map in your applications. Today we're rolling out a number of enhancements to ...

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Check this list for your Yahoo address. You need not have logged into Yahoo to have compromised your password. It came not via your browser.

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Here distributing pins for Critical Mass Transit Day, Thursday, October 20, when Regional Transit Service offers anyone wearing our pin free rides all day!
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Every dollar burned on oil leaves the regional economy. Think about it: we have no drilling, no refineries, and only a few pump jacks in the Southern Tier. The folks selling gas don't earn their living pumping gas; they sell candy and coffee. Even the pipelines serving fuel to Rochester suck money from the local economy. It's not a pittance. The typical household spends 6% of its income just for transportation fuel, money that could otherwise spur redevelopment, reinvestment, and jobs. In a flat, recessed economy, such huge sums wasted could otherwise fuel tremendous growth.

John Lam

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Hello World!

Thank you to +Craig Steinberger +Robert Polyn and +John Morrissey for inviting me to Google+, and lastly to +Rachel Leah Blumenthal for triggering the invitation!
I help people and companies understand and use enterprise computing , informatics, and social computing for collaborative work.
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