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John Kramer
Lover of Spain and all things Spanish
Lover of Spain and all things Spanish


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Artemis is expanding fast and we’re looking for excellent people to join our friendly and talented team! Currently we are hiring for the following positions:

- Client Project Director
- Content Writer
- Web Editor

Artemis is a fast paced and innovative digital company with 130+ clients whose websites we carefully nurture and optimise to achieve maximum business results for our clients. If you’re interested in digital marketing, ideally with a proven track record in your chosen field, we’d love to hear from you.

You’ll get to work on a number of projects for clients across a wide range of industry sectors, as part of a capable in-house team of SEO strategists, account management professionals, content and outreach experts, with huge potential for career development and progression at Artemis.

Curious to find out more? Take a look at our vacancies on Wired Sussex and contact us today:

#sussexjobsearch #seo #marketingjobssussex #brightonjobs #midsussexjobs #wiredsussex #jobsearch
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Hi Everyone,

I have an htaccess question

I'm trying to write an exception the file.

At the moment we have this wildcard redirect in place

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1

Taking everything across.

I'd like to create an exception for a GSC verification HTML file (all other methods won't work)

Any help/suggestions are much appreciated,


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Wondering how to make your content interesting so it goes viral? How do you keep your readers engaged so they stay on the page?

Julia Trevett-Smith, Senior Content Writer at Artemis, shares 5 tried and tested tips on how to write irresistible opening lines to blog posts, articles or web pages that your readers will love and share!

#Business #ContentMarketing #ContentWriter #SEO
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It has been a fairly quiet year for SEO news and significant algorithm updates, but in the background, the influence of AI has really started to make an impact.

Our Technical Director at Artemis, Justin Aldridge, takes a look at how SEO has changed over the years and what to expect in 2018!

#SEO2018 #SEO #AI #Business
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Is Email Marketing Effective?

A well-executed email campaign can increase sales and increase client loyalty. Christina Seagraves, our SEO Executive at Artemis, shares five fantastic tips for producing a successfully targeted email.

#business #seo #emailmarketing #marketing #emailcampaign
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This morning's sunrise #Malaga
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Riverwalk - visiting Junta de los Rios

A place we visit at least once a year and have done for many year.

Junta de los Rios never fails to impress. A true paradise

#Andalusia #River #Hiking
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Today's hike up La Huma via the Tajo del Estudiante. One of the best in the El Chorro area. Basically following this route

#Hiking #Andalucia #Malaga

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Another Triathlon today.

It's one thing we do a lot of in #Rincondelavictoria #Triathlon

The whole town is involved and come out to cheer the participants on. Today's event was a sprint
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