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I also would like to know where to find that image.

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Padmapper, in July 2012, got a C&D letter from Craigslist in an effort to shut the site down. Given how little mining is done to CL's personal server real estate and how much additional traffic it sources to the site, this doesn't make any sense to me.
Additionally, this is pretty much the hands-down best apartment tool I have ever used and it's offered for free, home-grown, and the code is shared for free with a little communication from the author.
It's, like, the internet at it's best, and craigslist tried to gun it down for no apparent reason. 
I just want to show a little support by highlighting Padmapper, and I also wanted to put a dent in craigslist's hip roots-based reputation because it does't seem to earn it anymore.

I can't wait until a more improved, effective, and aesthetic replacement for CL steals it's velocity.
A free tool to help you find an apartment or sublet to rent. Basically, it's a big Google map with lots of house and apartment sublet and rental listings from Craigslist and other sources marked on it...

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Seriously, there are good reviews and bad reviews in technology and unlike movie reviews or album reviews....not everybody is an 'expert'.
So please. Put on your thinking cap before you rattle off some juvenile app frustrations and actually get a handle on the task you're undertaking.

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I've been drooling over the eeePad Transformer series since they first came out. Though the originally released series has become more affordable, I couldn't even fathom dropping a few hundred dollars on one currently.
Much like the Toshiba Libretto, I'm especially intrigued with original or innovative form factors for technology. The difference of a hinge (as opposed to a latch-;lock) and a wireless card completely changes the experience, interaction, purpose, and portability of a device - with unexpected results.

Anyone in my closer circles have one of these or have experience with them? Did it live up to the hype and appeal, or did it fall short somewhere in development?

Would love a week or two to just tote this thing around and experiment.

John Keymer

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This would be about that time of year when I do my annual renewal of my tarnished patriotism by doing a semi-marathon viewing of the classic and timeless series Band of Brothers.

For those who haven't met Winters, Nixon, Joe Toy, Lipton, Buck Compton, Shifty, Doc, Guarnere, Babe Heffron, and the surprisingly large number of remaining heroes I haven't mentioned here, then you have not yet been witness to true heroism.

As the Greatest Generation slowly fades into the last winking rays of twilight of an era, I think about the stunning contrast in the minds and hearts of so many people "occupying" America, and quietly hope that if and when we move so far from the meritorious hearts that guided the hands of Easy company, a new generation of young people will courageously stand up and reclaim some of that burnished glory that was placed upon their grandparents and great grandparents, and we are able to show the world once again exactly what we stand for and what merits we hold and have earned to achieve it.

"We were no longer an invading army, but now rather an occupying army. The tides had turned on a voyage through the longest sea of darkness we had ever known".
- Cpt. Lewis Nixon
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Ya it was

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Kudos to PhoneArena for digging this up, following up, and talking to a number of independent parties to get a more robust picture of this practice. I'm very curious how many telephony and communications providers engage in the sale of BAADS (Bundled Anonymous Aggregate Data Sets).
All this information is, regardless of the final product, tied to individual user by a unique ID in some fashion - if this was not the case, extracting data patterns would be impossible as they would be unable to correlate within the set and create usable sets.
That being so, if there is any record of that unique string to hold the data together that is retained by the party collecting it, it's possible that while it might be sold to 3rd parties it could be compulsorily surrendered under certain circumstances under a subpoena. 
In short,this practice may provide additional loopholes for law enforcement agencies to monitor your actions online and have access to additional data to further refine your digital footprint. 
Granted, higher-level agencies like the CIA and NSA have existing tools to do so in various ways, but these tools have the caveat that they begin monitoring once the switch is flipped. 
As this data is retained, it allows for collection of your activities prior to a Pen Register or Wiretap, so if they discover information at the present time that's of interest, they may be able to use that data to receive additional warrants and subpoenas, collect your data prior to active monitoring, and then connect whatever dots they feel compelled to connect.

People crapped on Eric Schmidt for saying if you wanted to do something and didn't want people to know about it, don't do it on the internet.
I kinda felt it was a low blow too, but he may have been saying more than he was sayng, ya know?
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Dude, you're alive?!?? Thought you fell off the face of the earth or something. 

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Good to see Congress did something right for once. Hopefully Google doesn't "Apple" the approved patents to force GM out of business.
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Ten years ago it was Microsoft; ten years from now it will be Samsung.

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Ubuntu One works seamlessly from Ubuntu but also gives you 5GB of free storage and does camera backup! I use this to keep my Android-Only files accessible on the go And it keeps my SD and my Dropbox tidy and focused.

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I totally need to get this to motivate me to drink more tea. :)

(Courtesy of Timjo on Deviantart -
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Tea balls tend to limit the flavor of the tea because the leaves don't have time to expand. As awesome as that is, it's not really worth making sub-par tea with.

Gotta get something like:

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These are the most epic coffee tables a nerd could dream of. Mancave furniture of Kings.

John Keymer

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Family Breakfast FTW
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