Google+ : What are the benefits?

"What are the benefits of a G+ community over a traditional forum?"
-- +Dan Leighton

+Jeffrey Anthony :
- Diversity.  
- Freedom from geographical limitations.  
- Less bias from local interests/investments.
- Easier to make a fresh start from things gone wrong causing negative impact on reputation.  
- Easier to take a break from it.  
- Less invasive on life.  

+Luis Alberola :
G+ is #deeper   in terms of meaning that can be added to à conversation through different media and different people
It is #wider   because of the reach of +1 and #
It has deeper #context   because of how each post can be worked and shared countless times, and linked and discussed
It is more #dynamic  
It is definitely easier to find, and through a variety of ways
It is more #social  , #relational  and  #personal   as it belongs both to our #socialpresence  and to the #commons  of a community
+Doug Breitbart :
+Dan Leighton The best way I can encapsulate the difference. . . G+ is like sitting at the grown-ups table at the biggest holiday meal you have ever attended, with the gravy boat easily within arms reach. ;-}

+Jeffrey Anthony :
+Dan Leighton  And it has more hashtags than real life communities ;)

The idea that we are grouped by like mind and not geographical limitations not just as far as the limitation of membership.

Is there a good word that works like polyamory that would work for being member of a whole lot of communities? :)

+Doug Breitbart The fun is being the kid at the grownups table and surviving there.  :)
+Luis López-Cano :

i think a forum is a room in the world, and G+ is the world in a room.

+Andrew Carpenter :
G+ is very topic agnostic and diverse.

It's very simple to tag a person into a conversation.

Your stream can be customized more than a forum. You can follow specific people.

Everyone is an admin. Social networks are less hiearchial than traditional forums.

There's great mobile applications (and a great website).

Hangouts. (Video conferencing, recording, and live broadcasting) These can be scheduled ahead of time and integrated in Google Calendar.

It's easy to follow multiple communities and read them in a single place.

Anyone can create a community very simply and not worry about hosting. Easy to share invitations with friends.

There is no registration or login except with Google.

The communities tend to be smaller than forums so it's often easier to keep up with the new posts.
+James O'Sullivan :
Forums are normally grouped around a topic. Here you can follow and talk about pretty much anything. I'll return to this later. 

+Jeffrey Anthony :
Challenge of split based on context / definition, but i think both split directions are very interesting and valuable:

Forum as per classical definition:
a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
or Forum as per internet forum?

+Colin Kilburn :
G+ is a platform a top a bigger vision that is just starting to form.
+ API to applications are going to make it a bit better I predict ;)  
+ larger potential of authorship and credibility.
+ authorship extending to the new video platform revolution (HO HOA) 
+ personal expanding office with watercoolers.  
+ No smut tolerance.
+ Personal fears melt somewhat in the presence of good people.
+ multilingual interactions & global awareness.
+ Closer to free speech then ever before.
+ Quality serendipity on High.
- Headaches and rabbit hole galore.
- comment "pop boxes" get bumped an can disappear the narrative you worked so hard on ... lost with a mis-click of a busy interface ... so write important stuff in editor and copy it in ... doh
- Idiots can flourish as easy as the rest (for now) (ideologues) 
perception waggon

+Jan Friman :
This thread with it's comments prove why: it's alive providing smart and useful replies. Accessibility and usability is one great plus.

Plus, which we don't see much here - and which is key for it's growth and future expansion - the deep integration with all of the other of Google's services.

For companies and organizations, communities are not seemingly a walled garden, which confuses the average Internet user. This will probably hinder the adaption of Google+ as a forum tool for organizations that are not innovative enough and sees further.

Once organizations get over this 'mind loop', real development can begin. It could be that Google need to integrate the service in a much more clear and smarter way with their Google Apps offering.

One example of the usefulness for what Google+ could be for organizations and companies can be seen in the way Wordpress employees communicate and collaborate, utilizing the P2-theme for Wordpress. Compare that to Google+ and you'll get an idea. 
+Joachim Stroh :
A forum is like a thread ball, G+ is more like a woven carpet.

Image: Temari Ball
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