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Hack Everything, part 49: Design

All future leaders are designers. Leadership as design can be defined as consisting of, bridging between, and eventually reweaving, five dimensions:

1. Effectuation (including eg abductive sensemaking)
2. Ecosystem
3. Narrative, story (communication combined with contextual intelligence)
4. Flow &
5. Play

Lead in the 21st C
One of the ongoing explorations I've done in +ConversationLab is how to develop tools, frameworks and pattern languages for cocreation, to catalyze and unfold innate, 21st C leadership qualities.

Link to one of +Seb Paquet 's blogposts about #creativeeconomy  
Taking an egocentric perspective for a minute, I can picture myself at the center of a bundle of value flows between myself and other people. People are represented as circles; a number of arrows go o...
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I like that! "All future leaders are designers". 
Which is a nicer way of saying 'hacker'. I'm going to have to work on a better term for that hacker mind, and the leader of the future. It's tricky to, as ethics, sense of right and wrong, and many other traits are high on the list. 
So, John, this is related to a long-term paper I've been working on around leadership and online communities.  The design part comes in with me so far mainly in choice of technologies by leaders, as well as other elements.  What is effectuation, or abductive sensemaking?  I'd rather have you tell me than guess. I think I've heard you talk a bit about 4 and 5, so how does a leader/designer creat a good narrative?  I did some long ago work on leadership in social movements that may relate here.  Anyway, many thanks!

I see Greg is talking more on the applied level, where I am more observational...heh.  I think you can relate to both, yes?
We need both of those and more in the village +andee baker very good to "see" you here, been a while!
+Gregory Esau hack is a cool word to use. It's part of my ongoing project, occupy language. As long as there's shared understanding towards improving our culture design endeavours - and a rich set of stories - all kinds of words that serves, can be used.