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Your Brain On Bright Lights, Big City

"We made it? What happened?"
-- +John Kellden 

"Placemaking co-evolves with imagination, inspiration, interaction, individual agency, inference, information, insights, interdependence, infrastructure and intangible assets."
- John Kellden

Future of the Village   
"We all know what the future city looks like. You and I have both seen it in science fiction since we were children: hot, dark, over-crowded neon-illuminated nights meet days of gleaming towers and roads arcing through the air. There are robots on the pedways, and self-driving pod cars. Society is liberal and liberated or dystopian and grey by turns.

But what’s happening in the villages, off the edge of the scene? The villages are old, ancient beyond the dreams of the city. They’ve been with us in some form, even if it was leaf shelters and an open fire in a ring of stones, since the dawn of our humanity. The city is our bold new daring experiment. The village is our eternity."
-- +Vinay Gupta

ht +Peter Feltham :
Vinay Gupta shares his vision of a rural future

Bright Lights, Big City

Image: Gilles Tran "Main Street"
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Every day when I consider just not do the Social Media dance anymore, I just have to think for a couple of seconds on two things:

1. What's the state of our global civilization?

2. What stories will my grandchildren tell about me when I'm long gone?

Then I go crank out fifteen more blogposts.  :)

With some help from a cup of coffee of course... :)
Whether or not to dance seems like such an obvious choice from the outside.
There will always be a need for villages because there is no room for the campfire in the megatropilis