Social Curation, part 6: Social Curators, v2

Social Curators is what makes Google+ work - add your fave three

Very grateful for all the great suggestions already. From a small seed of three, there are now more than forty high quality people.

The rules are simple - nominate three people you believe add, curate and transceive high quality signal in your circles. My intention is for this circle to be a cocreated artifact, a gathering of people who would make a difference when added to almost anyone's circles here in Google+.

Catalysts for serendipity
The signal quality of the social metalayer, the structure affording meaningful serendipity in the serendipity engine, the potential for cocreation of value in the shared interest graph, the learning, the business opportunities, the meaningful networking, it all depends on people in general and Social Curators in particular.

This circle is now already a great lineup of social curators, not only excellent people in their own write, but also having their own distinct approach, their own unique story and brand, resulting in a maintaining of excellent signal in their own networks.

There's definitely room for some more, please feel free to add your three preferred social curators, and let's cocreate a great circle full of great people. Much appreciation for the excellent suggestions already and thank you in advance...
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